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Monday, September 12, 2016

Stress and Anxiety

I know i don't write often on this blog any more.
When it started it was a much needed outlet for my creativity.
Now I'm out-letting all over the internet. haha
I'm writing my next book and so when I do feel up to writing that gets
most of my attention.
I have my YouTube channel and the editing process of that can
bog me down.
But i felt the urge to blog today. There is a topic on my mind, Stress.

Most of you may not know this but i suffer from depression. It comes and goes.
But i have dealt with it since some where around my pre-teens.
I am very good at hiding it. Most who know my personally probably would not guess this.
I do not take medicine for it. I am good at powering through. I do use essential oils though.
They help. But I mostly use them for the anxiety.

Depression goes with what I wanted to talk about,
but this isn't just a post about depression.
Like i said I wanted to discuss Stress.

I am planning a cruise with my sister and my 2 best friends.
That sounds fun right? It is. But it can be stressful if you have a mental
illness too.
I have noticed in the last week that I am very emotional. I can cry at the drop of a hat if i let
myself. I have been trying to keep my emotions reigned in.
Because I do know that its stress related.

If you have a mental illness like me, and it is keeping you from enjoying
something like a fun trip, or a vacation, or just life in general, try to remind your self this:

Try to push through. Remind yourself that life can get in the way if we let it.
We should all be happy. Regardless of your situation. Regardless of your fiances.
Just be happy. BE YOURSELF.
Push the Stress and Anxiety away. Push it out.
If you need to, do it physically.
Raise your hands, take a deep breath, exhale and push away from your body.
Send that negativity out away from you.
Put one foot forward and go from there.

Okay, Crystal you think that is going to fix me? Fix my life? Push the air away?

I admit, that may not "fix" you. Did saying that help my emotions? No.
But its a start. We have to start somewhere. And its a mind set.
Your mind set is everything. TRUST ME.
So just give it a try. I hope it helps you at least a little.

(p.s. Yes i know that sometimes I don't capitialize my i's..There is a reason for this.)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Reasons why NOT to live in the Big Brother house

As a big brother fan getting the chance to be on the show and win half a mill seems like a fun idea.
Buuuut (as Nicole would say), I have 5 reasons why you might NOT want to go for an extended stay in the ole BB house.

Reason #1
If your not big on touching.
They literally Hug after each ceremony. Lots of FRIENDSHIP going around with hugs several times a week. To opt out of a hug could, and does, throw a red flag. And that alone might get you sent packing.

Reason #2 If you aren't into sharing your things.
It is very common to see house guests wearing someone else's clothes or hats. I mean hey, you can't fit very many changes into those BB logo duffle bags. So choices get limited...unless you shop your neighbors bag..Roommate is closer to the correct word. But you get the gist.

Reason #3 If you enjoy tv or movies or video games...ie any thing remotely fun.
Forget staying up all night to enjoy the latest video game after standing in line for a midnight release. Your not leaving the house any time soon..If your lucky that is.
You are cut off from the outside world for the duration of your stay. There is also the fact that no where in that house will you find a tv.

Reason #4 If you enjoy privacy, this house ain't for you.
There are tons of camera's on you every second of every day. Yes, Even in the bathroom. Let me just say, If you haven't even let your momma see you undressed since you hit puberty, you should probably keep out of the big brother house.

And finally Reason #5 that you might NOT want to live in the big brother house is...If your not into drama..
Drama drama drama...it's why we all watch. Gotta see that drama.
If you were locked in a house with that many diverse personalities for the summer you might create a little drama just for kicks. Am I right?
So if drama just isn't your scene, go for a fun Summer on the sofa watching with the rest of us.
Cause hey, big brother is the best summer tv show!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Advice for aspiring writers?

Goodreads asked me this question and I wanted to do a post.
There was lots to say to the question of...
 What’s your advice for aspiring writers?
Firstly, You CAN do it!
You have to start somewhere. Don't be afraid. Just start writing. You may have to hide away that first work and hope no one ever see it, sure. But that is okay. Keep at it. Ask for help. But if writing is your passion, then write!
Be okay with bad reviews. Not every one likes the same things as you. So don't take it personally.
I have got a few bad reviews myself. Partly because I wasn't diligent.
I forgot to upload a revised version of my work, And there were some grammar problems.
But hey, it's fine. I am still alive. I still get great reviews.
Just know that there will always be those out there that need to say something bad.
So do NOT let this discourage you.
I have thought about writing for several years. Actually I began as a poet. I even have another blog where I used to upload my poetry. True story!
I started by trying to write my biography. FAILED!
Then I watched Twilight. 
Then I HAD to read Twilight, the entire series, in a WEEK. 
Yes it became an obsession! 
Because of that and hearing Stephenie Meyer's story, I decided I COULD DO THIS.
So I wrote a pree-teen story. FAILED!
I tried a book loosely based on my friend. (Her life cracks me up at times.) FAILED! 
But finally, I began Summer Under My Quilt, and I knew this time I was on the right track.
I had found my writing sweet spot, so to say.
Things took a few years to develop. 
By the time I published I had 2 others in progress and an idea to turn one into a series.
So, if you want it. JUST DO IT. As Nike loves to tell us.
It will come. But if you aspire to write. Write.   

Monday, May 2, 2016

You who?

Guys sometimes life can get in the way.
Things get hard.
People let you down. 
Money gets tight. Then tighter.
Kids grow up. They do their own thing.
Work has stresses. 
Your family needs food. Buy the food. cook the food.
Eventually it gets to be too much. 
You can loose yourself.
The things you once loved, lived for, become a memory.
Then your kid can be in the other room, but you realize..
You miss the crap out of them. They are so busy.
So are you. There's no time for hugs anymore.
It happens to us all. At some point. It does.
It's time to sit back. 
Take a deep breath if you need to.
Turn on the music of your past. 
Take a break. Cry it out. Or dance it out.
Whatever it is you do. 
Then try to move forward with a renewed sense of who you truly are.
Don't let life and the struggle it can become, change 
Who you are at the heart of it all. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

I'm a Published Author!

I realized I never updated the Blog officially about my Book
Summer Under My Quilt.
I am Published!!!

Yay! I Finally completed the process. After 5 years of writing and editing, its out there.
You can pick it up at Amazon or Create Space.
So far I have had all great reviews.
I have even been featured on two blogs.
Sales are steady. That's all I can ask for, as a debut author.
I have been surprised by how well everyone seems to enjoy it.

You write this thing. This love story in my case. Yet I never expected
for anyone to love it as much as I do. Its my brain child after all.
But I will say I have been very touched by the feedback I've gotten.

I will work to keep this blog more up to date. I'm sorry for those who
missed me. Life has been crazy. We had the best Holidays.
We were out of town with family. It was so much fun.

I have also been working on my next novel. So look for that soon.
If you haven't checked out Summer Under My Quilt yet ans want to there
is a link to the left here. It even includes a preview!

Please be sure to leave me a review on Amazon after you finish. I would
love to hear your thoughts!

Also If you haven't liked my Facebook page you can do so here My Author Page

Always remember to Be Yourself!

A review from CrafyZoo Blog: I LOVED this book!  It was a great read; wonderful story of home, family, love and triumph over trials.  It’s a definite page turner that you just don’t want to put down.  The story will warm your heart while giving you a sense of peace and comfort about the world.  The characters are well written and I felt like I knew them when I was done reading about them, like somehow they could be friends or family of mine.  Though I’m not sure what would take place, I’d love to read a sequel to this book because, frankly, I feel like I miss them.  While reading the book, they became very real to me.  I can imagine the lives the characters would continue to live and what they might be doing, but I’d love to read it from the author’s perspective.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

My YouTube Channel

I started a YouTube channel!
That's right I really did.
What is it about you ask?
Oh, glad you asked.
Its going to be me in a nutshell.
I'm wacky and goofy and at times TOO professional.
I'm going to do an Ipsy review/unboxing each month.
Beauty product hauls, Favorites videos, and I'll even keep you filled in on
my editing and publishing process
for  my new book!

I'm sure there will be other themes too. So keep checking back with me.
I have 2 videos up right now and 2 more that I am editing. So they will be up by the
end of the week.

I Dyed my hair purple! lol
Check out the video. I Dyed Purple!

I may do a post about that later. :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nano 15 has come & gone.

Summer Under My Quilt
By Crystal Sellers
So Nanowrimo is gone. another year down.
I failed yet again.
But I got the furthest I ever got. I had over 20K words.
Yay me!
I don't consider it too big a fail. I beat myself.
Plus I got very busy working on my first novel.
It will be on Amazon by Christmas.

I am doing final edits.
I have redesigned the back cover.
I changed up an entire chapter.
And I am on my final read through.
All in the last week!

This novel is my baby. Sometimes when I write I surprise myself.
Because I'm a pantser, (writes by the seat of my pants) I never know what might actually spill forth from my brain.
And when I go back over things I wrote at times I cant
believe it was me.

But I have poured myself into this story for 5 years. And I was not a
professional trained writer. I did read books to make it better and I perfected
over the years. (Perfected the story, Not my writing lol)
I have sought advice from others.
And now I am ready to Let it Go! Let it go!

For those of you that read it, I hope you enjoy it.
I hope you can see little hints of me.
But Mostly I hope you have Wonderful Holidays this year!