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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Weekend

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

I just wanted to remind you about the chance to win
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I welcome feedback.

Happy Weekend!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Busy day today at my house.

My husband started a new job that he loves much
better than the last one with better pay.
So that makes us all happy.

I took my son to the Dr this morning.
After which he talked my mother into taking him to big lots
to look for a Pokemon toy.
So while he looked for a toy I told him they did not have,
Mom and I looked for her a new mattress.

Neither one found what they went in there for.
Zach did manage to leave the store with a stuffed bear that sings,
God Bless America..
Over and over.
And over.

So on to the next place,
We stopped at a second hand place where
everything was half off today only.
“Wish we knew that while we were looking, Mom said.
Maybe something would have looked different.”

But she did get the purse she wanted which was
a good price after the half off.
And her and I both walked out with new shoes.

Staying with the theme of the Doctor,
I was watching Dr. Oz a few minuets ago.
Who knew Vitamin D was so important?
I knew you needed it for strong bones, but new studies show
That it will keep you from getting 20 different diseases.
Including Diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson's, dementia and many more.

Vitamin D will also boost metabolism and your thyroid.
So while its helping to fight disease it will also aid in loosing weight.
Dr. Oz suggested taking 1000mg a day of Vitamin D3 supplement.
I know I will be going to the heatlh food store soon!

I love to watch Dr. Oz.
He is very helpful with all kinds of good juicy bits of info.
I can post more on his tips if you all would like?

Yesterday I wrote about an Ebook give-a-way from one of my favorite authors.
I encourage you all to take advantage of this.
If you forgot the rules you can go back and read them.

Someone asked for more info on the book.
I had posted a link where you could get a preview
But I will give a bit of plot line, since you asked.
Sylvia a college student is looking to get over an old love,
Falls for a bad boy who at first seems perfect for doing just that.
Her friends live in the same apartment building and they are all very close.
Everything is going fine until a new neighbor arrives
Across The Hall.
And soon her life is taking new turns.
There is a bit of everything  in this book.
Sweetness, intrigue, fun, danger, and the opportunity for things to get steamy.

Trust me you will want to win this one!

And if you are wondering, you can download an Ebook to your computer.
No need for a Kindle or other Ebook reader.

So comment away and follow me to win a free autographed copy!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Interview with a side of Give-A-Way

I want to tell you about one of my favorite authors.
You may not have heard about her because
she just published her first book.
But I can fix that.
You will know her now.
Her name is NM Facile.
Her first book is Across The Hall.
I say first book because I know she will have many more published.

NM Facile is who I was speaking of when I mentioned
the Author I follow through Fan Fiction.
I know her personally and that is what first led me to read Across the Hall.
I was immediately hooked on her story.
It reminded me of when I was first in love, young, and unsure.
I rooted for her Characters like they were my best friends.
She writes them in such a way you feel as if you have always known them.
As if they grew up on your block.

So I thought it might be fun to do a mini interview and ask her a few questions.
So I did.

Me: What is your absolute favorite book?

NM Facile: My absolute favorite book is a toss up between Wishes
and Knight in Shining Armor both by Jude Deveraux.
Those are both my guilty pleasure books.
I go back and reread them whenever I feel like I need something comforting.
I do have a favorite series of books too.
That is the Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin.
They are way more than fantasy novels.
They have everything - mystery, court intrigue, magic, sex, battles,
and anything you could want from a story. I can't say enough about this series.
I suggest reading it before you watch the HBO series.
The show is great but doesn't even hold a candle to the books.

Me: What do you love most about writing?

NM Facile: The thing I love most about writing is being able to escape
 into the world I'm writing about.
When I was a kid I loved playing with Barbies.
I could make up elaborate stories as I played with them.
Since I'm an adult now I get funny looks by all,
except my daughter, if I hold up dolls and have them talk to each other.
So now I can write out the stories that play in my head.
I have a close second love with writing though, and that's research.
I love learning new things and researching for stories.

Me: I totally understand the barbie thing. I did that too.
        Where is your favorite place to write?

NM Facile: I almost always write while sitting on the couch in my bedroom.
I turn the lights off and the music on and lose myself.

Me: If there was one thing you could tell your readers/fans what would it be?

NM Facile: Thank you. I love writing for all of you.

Me: And just for fun, what is your greatest desire?

NM Facile: My greatest desire? That's a tough one.
If you mean a person - definitely Robert Pattinson.
For a material object - a bigger house with a live in maid.
For my peace of mind - knowing that my kids and family are safe, happy, and healthy.

Me: A girl after my own heart! HAHA Yes I agree with you,
If I could Keep Rob in my pocket that is where you would find him. :)

Maybe now you can see why I enjoy her so much!

You can get Across the Hall from Amazon.
It is published through http://ireadiwrite.com/
If you want a preview of the book you can catch it here.
As well as links to online stores where you may download it.

When I first approached her about doing an entry on her
for my blog she told me I could do a signed Ebook give-a-way.
I was totally excited.
Now I can give back to you.
Well one of you anyway.

So if you would like to enter for a chance to win a Signed copy (ebook)
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If you want an extra entry click to share my blog on your facebook page
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I am certain you will love NM Facile as much as I do.
You can read her Fan Fiction stories by going to http://www.fanfiction.net/
and searching Zephyersky
Or from her FanFic Author page http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1711949/

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reading & Writing

So I recently bought my newest 500+ page Stefanie Meyer book.
The Twilight saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.
In the front of the book is an interview,
which is more of 2 authors having a conversation
on the subject they share. Writing.
As I am reading I began notice ways that I am like them.
I do some things in my writing as one, an some like the other.

I have always had the urge to write, and have dabbled with a few short story’sbefore starting this blog.
One thing I have found is that you can not write anything
if you are in the wrong mood.
I have to be light and airy to write.
And if I am not, nothing flows.

I think most people who love to write also love to read.
I can get lost in a book.
Sometimes not re-surfacing for days.
Usually that is if I am reading a series though.
I am a fast reader and if really interested I will complete even a 500 page book in 24 hours.

My favorites are series books.
I get attached to my characters if the book is any good.
And I can not let them go.
The last series I read was Harry Potter.
Yes I was very behind. I just read them.

I have always liked the movies but never had read the books.
I cried at the end of all 3 of the last books.

And when I finish a series I keep wanting
to sit with my characters for a few days afterwards.
I guess you could say I have withdraws.
Because of this, I do not read as often as I used to.
I pick up some here and there,
I also try to stick to Fan Ficition.

Really I only read one author’s Fan Fiction.
She is very good. Zephyersky
I will give you more info on her later.

Fan Fiction is updated one chapter at at time.
Therefore you can pace yourself if you are like me. haha

I think that is one reason I like soap opera’s so much.
You get to continue with your characters every week day.
Until Jan. of next year that is...

Here is a phone number you can call to save the soaps.
If you don’t care either way but have free time,
give em’ a call for me will ya.

Call (818)460-7477
Enter the following numbers at the pronpts:
1,2,3, and 255 for AMC
1,2,3, and 663 for OLTL
or you can write to ABC's President
Anne Sweeney
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521
The main thing: be respectful!

Thanks again for reading me
and helping me to have over 300 page reads thus far.
I ask you to recommend me to your friends if you like my stuff.
I would love the chance to build my followers. :)

When I am not tending to House Wifely duties,
I Love Reading and Writing, but not Arithmatic!
What do you love to do?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Holiday

Well it's raining here.
It has been all weekend, and still going strong.
Last night while watching tv the ceiling began to drip
right on my entertainment center and the Tv.
Yeah of all the places in my house, please, drip on my electronics.

Due to all this rain kids had to hunt eggs in the house yesterday.
It was a good thing we only did plastic eggs this year.
Because we never found 2 of them.
At least the house won’t stink! haha

We have had an interesting weekend.
My son got a live bunny rabbit from us.
The problem is that my oldest Dotson Dotty is a varmit dog.
She can not stand that she can not chase it away or eat it!
We tried to introduce them. No go.
So the poor bunny, named Skipper, is reduced to living in the basement.
Until the rain subsides anyway.

Getting a Easter Bunny is sort of a tradition we started for Zach.
He got one for his 1st, 2nd and 3rd Easter as well.
I think we also had one for his 5th Easter.
It didn’t last long. Neighbors grabbed it up on
their walk through the neighborhood I believe.

Of all the things to take.
We did have guinea pigs stolen once as well.
Some people just have no clue.

Of course we had dinner yesterday.
Everyone got nicely stuffed.
I got to see a few of my niece’s and one of my nephew’s.
Family time never seems to last long enough.
Both of my brothers did not make it to dinner.
Missed you guys.
My youngest brother lives a few states away.
But the other one text me that he was feeling
kindne Pune...no this is not a typo.
I laughed. But his phone is hard to text on.
Even still, felling Kindne Pune
will probably be something we say now. haha

I hope you all had lots of food, fun, and time with your families
this Holiday weekend.
Be Nice to Each Other!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

The Easter Bunny has arrived at my house.
I have been all over town filling a Yoda basket full of goodies today.
I got a huge loli pop, a chocolate bunny, a blue stuffed bunny, the elusive Poke mon cards and much more!
I love the dollar tree! you find a few good items then fill the rest with things from the dollar tree.
It’s such a wonderful idea!
My son should be super happy, even though we do not have a lot of money this year.

We will be going to my mom’s for dinner tomorrow.
I am bringing deviled eggs.
With a bunch of candy filled brightly colored plastic eggs.

Today being good Friday I hope you are all remembering what this holiday is really all about.
The fact that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
I have not been to church in a few years
but I do love the lord and I always say my prayers every night.
I do my best to live right and show my son the kind of person he should be.
I hope you all do the same.

I will not be hunting eggs this year because I am too old.
But I guess I did my hunting while I searched the town
for my son’s basket treats.
The way Mary Magdalene searched for Jesus after he had risen.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday with your families.
Be safe on the roads and don’t forget what it is really all about.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blinded by the thought of Love?

With the dogs, and the kid, and the husband.
Plus friends, text messages, and trying to switch phone plans.
I have been finding it hard to get a few quiet moments in which to write.

If you have ever written or tried to write something,
you know that you have to be in the right mood as well.
Otherwise you just get a bunch of rubbish on a page.

Something I have been talking with a friend about is not settling.
That can apply in many areas of life.
Like me not settling with mediocre writing so I chose not to post the other day.

In other cases it can be a more weighing subject.
Such as your partner. Your spouse.
If you are single I wish for you to have the best person in the world.

Love can blind to the faults of those you care about.
While this can be a good thing it can also bring you down at some point.
Settling for a person because you don't want to be alone.
Or maybe you wish not to divorce, can cause a waterfall of problems.
Problems that can trickle down slowly or so fast you really don’t know how you ended up in that situation at all.

You can tell yourself that you love them and it does not matter.
But your choices affect everyone around you. Not just yourself.
Especially if you have children.
If you are uncertain of your choices just look to your children.
They have pure hearts and know when it is wrong for them.

So don’t put on a blind fold where love is concerned.
Open your eyes to the great possibilities that God has in store for you.

If you like some, find yourself in an abusive relationship, whether it be mental or physical
Ask yourself why am I here?
And if you get get out, PLEASE don’t go back.
Do not settle for someone who is not right for you.
Who when you are with them you compromise yourself.
Remember what I said about being TRUE to yourself.

Depression can be cause when you know your not living that life you wanted.
When you know you have settled in your life and even if you try to lie to yourself
the depression sets in anyway.

Sometimes our soul mates come in a package we might initially look over.
But I want to encourage you to take that second glance.
Just because a blinder is on the box doesn't mean a diamond isn't hidden inside to fool you.
My cousin Missy did that to me once.
I unwrapped and unwrapped until I found a pretty rose necklace inside this huge box.
And you know what?
I still have Missy’s necklace.
I believe I was only 8 or 9 at the time.

As a child I could be fooled by the outside package.
But as adults we should know by now too look deeper.
What the inside holds can be something you will want to keep for the rest of your life.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blogs of Mention

I have found a new thing that I love to do in

And I can not tell you all how much it means that you
have continued to read me.
I can not believe I have had over 200 hits so far!

I wanted to mention a blog that I follow so as to give back.

This lady paints such beautiful pictures with her words of
her family and how they have grown.
Her 3 children are grown now and
starting their own lives,
he blog is about now she is working through her empty nest syndrome.

You may have heard of her. Her name is Darlene Egelhoff.
She is the mother of Heidi and Holly who were on the Tv show The Hills.
I used to watch The Hills, and I like most was sad to see what happened
with the mother and her daughter.

I seen Darlene in an interview on TV one day and they mentioned her blog.
Once I initially checked it out I loved it.
I love the stories about the traditions of her family and the fun things they did together.
How she is reconnecting with her husband now that they have more time to spend
with each other.

And so I thought my readers might enjoy her too.
The blog is called Metamorphosis of a Mother.
You can have a look here:

I just ask that you don’t forget me after you enjoy following her. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Baseball Weekend

What did you do this weekend?
Weekends are the time you get to spend with your family.
We try to do at least one thing together out of the house.
So this weekend my family went to our first professional baseball game.
We went to watch the Springfield Cardinals.
They are a minor league team, owned by the St. Louis Cardinals.

As we entered the stadium we were each handed a #24 Garcia tee-shirt.
Then moved along to the next line to have our Tees signed.
The best kind of souvenir's are the ones that you get autographed!
Oh ya, and doubly so if its free!

My son soon decided that Matt Adams was his favorite player.
I laughed each time he was announced and my son would repeat,
“Oooo Matt Adams?”
The reason it was funny was he would just have
finished a sentence such as,
“Ya Matt Adams, hes the best one.” Or
“Matt Adams gained us the most... Oooo Matt Adams?”

He was hoping to have his team logo baseball signed.
As we were not able to catch up to Mr. Adams at the end of the game.
I am betting we will be going back, just so he can get that autograph!

I myself am use to tee ball.
This is where everyone in the stands are a parent.
These parents generally get under my skin.
Putting so much pressure on 3-5 year old just learning the game.
Causing mental anguish.
I once heard a mother behind me yell at her son
that if he didn't strike out this team
he would be staying at home with grandma
while the family goes to Branson.
Yes I am serious! I wanted to slug her.

I could probably have gotten away with knocking her one
with my hot pink crutch!
Oh sorry, I have uncontrolled tick! Opps!
I actually did not think of that.
But last year at the 1st showing of Eclipse it nearly happened.
(My friend Mari told me that excuse would work. haha)

To explain myself- This side note:
Do not go to a Twilight Movie if you are not a fan,
on opening night and sit behind a fan who got there hours early
and heckle the movie!
You just might get whacked with a hot pink crutch!

Back to the game.
As I was saying I am used to Tee-ball.
So there were times this weekend I
actually forgot that they were playing down there on the field.

Ya I would look down and think Oh ya! They are playing still.
It was just too quiet.
Plus my husband was up and down the majority of the game.
Getting more refreshments.
He bought popcorn, cotton candy, pizza’s, a braut, and a salad.
No they were not all for him, but all I ate was popcorn.
I thought the two of them were going to eat everything in the place. :)

We had a great time.
I learned that you can never go with enough money.
I liked that every time the teams switched sides
the announcer had a game of some sort to throw
in a little more entertainment.
The scary part is those fly balls!
An old man around the age of 80 got hit in the shoulder
several rows in-front of us.
The best part was that Zach had a blast!
His favorite part I think was the kiss cam, and the mascots.
He spent the night with his Nana afterwards
and I am sure she got an ear full!

I realized I know nothing about baseball.
Even after all the greatest movies throughout the years.
Major League 1 & 2, The Sandlot, Little Big League,
Rookie of the Year, and so on.
Nope, I still know nothing.
I was so lost I told my son the refs in black were the other team.
Yep, I sure did. Then when I realized my goof,
a while later I’m ashamed to say.
I tried to correct this. Leaned over and whispered to my son,
I was wrong the other team is in the red shirts.
He tells me, “I knew you were wrong the whole time.”
Haha! Kids, what would we do without them?

Hope your weekend was as good as mine!
Well not so much cause my car broke down yesterday,
I hope you did not have that much fun.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why ABC WHY???

Yesterday I told you about 2 things that were upsetting to me.
One was that Paul McDonald was voted off of American Idol season 10 this week.
If you missed that post you can find it on the left.

Today I will tell you what the other was.

If you have not heard ABC released an official statement on April 14th.
The details were that they have canceled two of their longest running shows.
One Life to Live and All My Children. These shows have been on the air since 1968 and 1970.

My great grandmother watched these shows.
I have watched them since I was born.

Being born with Cerebral Palsy my mother would plop me down in front of the television so she could get her house work done. I couldn’t really go anywhere so I watched whatever was on.

I loved summers after I started school because I could watch them.
I remember sitting at a friends grandmothers one summer watching the trial when Todd attacked Marty.

Once in high school I had my own TV in my room and I would record my 3 shows and watch them everyday after school. Where I can remember crying because Bobbie and Luke’s Aunt Ruby died. And again when Sonny left the mob, and with it the show.
I am nearly 30 years old and these shows have been a part of my life all these years.
As well as many other people.
I went to Google for insight into why this was happening and found that every thread I looked at had 200+ people upset just as I.

I had a debate the other day about Natalie on OLTL.
We both had very different views and opinions on her.
And while we were debating I was thinking how sad it was.
We all love our characters, and to some they have become like a second family.
We know the characters inside and out.
How do we just let them go?

When giving her this info My Mom asked me “What will you do?”
And I ask how many of you are asking yourself this very same question.

The 2 shows are being replaced by a health food show called THE CHEW
and a get healthy show called The Revolution.
I will not be watching them.
I am pretty sure ABC will lose in this effort to gain more viewers.
As I am also afraid General Hospital will take a huge blow to ratings due to angry viewers.
And it will soon follow, to the Soap opera grave yard, of the lost soaps of our past.

As a stay at home mom I feel soaps are the enjoyment of the day.
Who wants to fold laundry to get healthy bull?
That I save for 3 o’clock when Dr. Oz comes on.

ABC have you lost your mind?

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Sad Turn of Events

Yesterday I learned 2 things that saddened me.
Which has led to being up before Zach,
typing on my tiny cell phone in bed this morning.
Because I have to write down my thoughts,
so that I can begin to process and move on.
So I will start with the 2nd thing that has upset me.

I sat on my couch last night, not realizing what I was seeing.
I was watching American Idol season 10.
On stage was Stefano Langone and Paul McDonald, and my husband wanted to talk bills.

Bills right now? Paul is on stage....
He was talking to me, so I did not hear the results.
I watched, never thinking it was a possibility it would go the way I did not want it too.
I watched as Paul hugge Stefano, and I just knew that meant Stefano was gone.

My husband gets my attention again and when I look back.

Why is Paul standing there on stage with Ryan Seacrest?
What kind of fan hell is this!
I dialed all through a movie I watched with my son last night.

I am stunned.

My sister texts me and this is what I see:
R u screaming
Or crying

I answered, No I’m shocked.
And a few Minute’s later I text her and admitted that, I could cry.

I have been consumed with Paul McDonald.
Twitter stalking him, helping him reach his goals in followers,
joining fan groups, tweeting with other fans.
This was not what we expected.
The noise on Twitter was crazy when it happened.

I could barley hear him sing Maggie May, one last song on the American Idol stage.
Because my husband once again is trying to get my attention.
I say Jace, Paul is going home.
He is not phased a bit, as if I never said a word.

So I am now writing on my phone because last night was so crazy
that I had no time to fan grieve.

I will be online watching him sing Maggie May sometime today.
That I am sure.
In my opinion Paul was one of the best they had.
With his own sound, which reminds me of Rod Stewart, he will go far.

I am glad though,
that no one acted as if Stefano was dirt on the bottom of their shoes
last night.
The way they did when Pia Toscano went home last week.
I had predicted Pia would go home anyway.

I am also a fan of Stefano’s, and while I did in no way want to see Paul go home.
I was not happy he was standing next to Stefano when it happened.

Paul McDonald is the lead singer of a band called The Grand Magnolias.
They have 3 albums out that you can get at the bands official site.
Two of the Albums are under the name High Tide Blues.
The name they previously held.

http://thegrandmagnolias.com/ this is the link for the home page.

There is a Music and Lyrics page where you can hear their music.
I Love this band, and Paul, if you happen to read this
you should know, that I will continue to support you and the band.
As will many many other fans.

Paul McRocks!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Messy Room

Are your kids like mine?
Do they get the messiest rooms and you don't know how it got so bad?
I went into my son’s room to find a game of mine and came out with
a bag full of trash.
80% of it was paper.
I have to do full clean outs at least every 3 or 4 months.

And is it just my kid or does the household trash seem to end up
in their bed rooms?
I find the rods from blinds in there all the time.
What does he do with such things?

My son is a very creative boy.
He loves to do origami and build stuff out of paper or twigs.
Yes twigs, of all sizes.
I find whittled ones and some taped together to form mini tee pees.
My only problem with all this is that he makes this stuff,
then holds on to it like its treasure.
And it is. It's his treasure.
But I ask, how many origami Yoda’s does one small child need?

How do we prepare them to be clean adults?
I think after 10 years of telling him how to clean
he should be better at it by this point.

As a baby I started him out by pointing out toys one at a time
and having him put them away.
This one in the toy box, that one on the shelf...
Laundry in the basket, trash in the trash can.

So now what?
What more can one do for their child than give the tools and
hope for the best outcome?

I suppose this is true of everything we teach them.
I am just glad I have 6 more years before he can drive.

How do we turn them lose on the world and have no fear?
If he can not follow simple cleaning directions how can I let him lose on the highway? I ask myself.

As Teenager's ourselves we wanted that freedom.
We sought out the chance to prove ourselves.
And always felt we could do it.
As a Mom I fear that same freedom.
I am sure I will not be sleeping nights when he is out.

I am reminded of my own Mother
telling me she didn’t sleep on certain nights.
The good thing is that for now,
I only have to worry about Messy Rooms,
Thank Goodness!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Social Smocial

When you try to write everyday on a new topic,
someday’s the right topic for that day just isn’t as clear.
I sat here thinking well, where am I at today?
What is going on in my life.
Not much today, was my answer.

But I thought about Facebook and other social networks.
And I wondered, are they deserving of the name?
Or have they actually made us unsocial?
We can get in the habit of thinking, well I talked to them on
Facebook yesterday so there’s no need to call.
No reason to get in the car and go hang out and visit.

Some may not even leave the house because they are
watering their Farmville crops, or trying to reach a goal on Frontierville.
I know how it is because until 6 months ago I did all this.
Having a not-so-great Internet connection has forced me off of my Frontierville.
Which turned out to be not so bad though.

But are we forgetting how to really be social?
How to get out there and communicate face-to-face?
We get lazy in our speech.
You can not walk up to someone and say,
“HI I hope UR day was Gr8!”

I do love Facebook though.
It has reconnected me with a few good friends from
grade school whom I had not seen for years and always thought about.
I’m very glad to have them back in my life.
I wish to get to see them in the REAL world sometime soon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cell Phones Rule: the world

This past weekend I got a new cell phone.
A Motorola Flipout.
I love it! It has so many gadgets and gizmo's to play with.

My Mom calls me the gadget queen because I seem to collect
electronic devices. This was not my goal. It just works out that way.
New fun toys to try out!
Hey its great that there are toys for adults out there!

Well I told you that so I can say that after all my years of playing on
high dollar toys, this one might be smarter than me! haha

It has so much on it I have yet to learn how to use it all. I am new to the Android platform.
This is my first. MotoBlur too is new to me. I like that you can combine all
your contacts from all over the Web. But who really calls every single friend on their Facebook?
And I only personally know like 3 of my Twitter peeps.

I do like that I can tap my home screen widget, and post my latest random thoughts on all my social networks with one click.
Another cool feature is the Facebook import to my contacts means when the phone
rings I see the picture from the person’s profile page.
And I can read their last post on my contact page.

It looks nothing like a phone in the general sense of the word.
Its fits in the palm of my hand, and is square.
I told my husband the other night how amazing it is, that phones are not just phones anymore.
Can you remember Party Lines? I do.
The phone hung on the wall.
And a three way call was when the neighbor was listening in.

Now your phone can send an instant message to anyone through text or IM.
You can check your email, play any of over 100 games, compose a PowerPoint for work,
check your myspace, it is endless!

My neighbor told me yesterday that she doesn't need a data plan because she has internet at home. She doesn’t want to pay for it twice! This would boggle many.
These days even in my own house you can get online with about any Mobile device out there.
A playstation, PSP, DSi, Ipod, IPad, Xbox, and ofcourse your Cell phone.
Some even have wifi catchers, mine does.

You can even buy a device called a mifi so you can take your Internet connection in your pocket!
Even 20 years ago the world was not this high tech.

There’s no need for encyclopedia's anymore.
That was the source for ALL information 15 years ago.

Could we go a whole week without getting on the Internet?
Without peeking at Facebook?

I think its cool, but I’m a gadget queen.
I just hope we don’t get too carried away. Have you seen iRobot?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Check List

As I am making a wedding checklist for my friend Mari I am thinking of a checklist for life.

We all have one even if we do not have it wrote down.

Move out of parents house
Decide on further schooling
Meet my mate
Buy a house
Have babies

Even simpler joys go on the list as well,
New Car
Nice Clothes
Great Friends
Killer Cell Phone
Everyone’s list is different since we are not robots in this
crazy journey of LIfe.
Sometimes you lose your way, and that would mean revising your list.
I have seen those who I am sure, forgot the original list altogether.
This is sad to me.
I believe when we are teens, we are most pure in what we want from life.
What goal we want to achieve, what roads we would most like to take.
Yes as teens we only have the dream, and lots of times we learn the real world can not provide the exact plan the way we want it.
But it can be molded to fit anyway. Just a few adjustments and Wah LA! Perfect! (well, mostly).

The winds of change however can blow some so far off course they feel like the original checklist no longer applies, and so they abandon it all.
I don’t think this is necessary.
Yourself is the only person you can 100% count on through everything.
Yourself loves you more than anyone. Yourself is who keeps you sane.

No I’m not saying be selfish, not at all.
You will love others beyond all measure. More than you love yourself.
Did I lose anyone there?
Yourself is inside you. It is your driving force,
it can be your life vest.
If you use it.

Are yo still following your original Check List?
Are you being true to yourself?
Do you love yourself?
Really think about this now. If you are unsure at all.
Its time to go back to the drawing board.
Take all the old Check lists and MERGE them together.
Start new dreams, let the past stay there if it did not work for you. Correct the mistakes you made within yourself and pick yourself up.
Its time to get off the floor.
Dry your eyes, and find that teen inside. He/She is still there.
Though your dreams may have grown, may have evolved.

Bottom line, Put your check list into action! Put your life right.
Be the You that you deserve to be!
And Above all else Love Yourself.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Movie of the Week

So I have decided to do a Movie Of the Week for you all.
I will give my thoughts on the latest movie I love.
And Maybe sometimes re-visit an old Classic.

But do not worry I wont give away any plot lines, I hate that.

I think if I have the time to post I will try to make it a weekly Saturday thing. Saturday nights are good for movies. We usually watch movies here though on Friday nights since there is not much of a selection on T.V. Friday evenings.

Movies are as much the American past time as Baseball. Which we will be going to do next weekend. We are going to see the Springfield cardinals are getting excited for that. But I will give you more on that later.

I enjoy getting to go to the movies. You get to spend time with the family doing something everyone can enjoy. We almost always go to watch Disney movies or Kid friendly movies. We save the movies rated above PG 13 for rentals.

This week my favorite movie I have seen recently is Going the Distance.
It is rated R and not suitable for children. But it gets my vote because it is the funniest movie
I have seen in a while.

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long make it a given that it will be funny. Anything I have ever seen with these two has been a hit in my opinion! It is a tale about wheather or not a relationship can make it from long distance, across the entire U.S. actually.

It does have some bad language mostly from Drew herself, and a few R rated scenes. For me it was funny enough to overlook in this case.

But Just in case you are not a Rated R movie watcher like many are, I will say that my new Favorite Disney movie is by far Tangled.

I loved it so much. With all the quirky characters including the horse and gecko, it was so enjoyable to watch, as well as funny.

Movie I’m looking forward to right now is Water for Elephants starring Robert Pattinson and Reece Witherspoon. Did anyone catch them on the Country Music Awards show the other night?

What has been your latest favorite movie?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Life Changes

My mind is full of so many things today.
Life changes so fast sometimes.
What do yo do when your life throws you a curve ball?
Can you roll with the punches?
Or do you try to take the backseat and just coast for a bit?

We all deal with things differently.
I just hope you all DEAL with it.
Don’t just push it back and hope that later it will resolve itself.
Lets try not to be Scarlet O’Hara and “think about it tomorrow.”

But in thinking about it, my brain is just swimming, and that can get annoying too.
The hard part is when its not you who is the person affected by the change the most.
You are going through Second Hand Change.
And that means there isn’t anything you can actively do to help the situation.

I am a problem solver by nature, and when I can not solve your problem that is hard for me.
That’s what I do.
I solve. I find several different solutions to it and figure out the best one.
What is troubling me today is not my problem to solve.
Its not my life to fix.
I am affected by this change, but I do not know my role.

Have you ever felt this way?
What about your own life changes, do you hide from them, “till tomorrow?”
Do you seek God and ask for help?
Or maybe act before fully thinking?
Then you have Life Buyers Remorse the next day?

That can cause its own panic if you do not fully think through your choices.
Sometimes that alone, I have to admit, keeps me from making big life decisions.
So my biggest ones are usually made very quickly without thinking.
Otherwise I would not have made the decision at all.
But in the end, I use my problem solving skills and I trudge on.
I just “fix” the problem at hand.

And for those times when I can not be the Fixer,
Well its makes for a good blogging session.
And it clears out the brain in doing so.

Sometimes I have found my rambling thoughts help clear it all out.
I hope however you deal with your Life Changes that you DO deal with them.
Its not healthy to just keep them in.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Redneck Wedding

One of my best friends is getting married in a little over a month.
They like to have fun and have shown us all this by having a redneck wedding.

It will be held at a beautiful pond, I will be standing next to her, while their friend's look on us from the mixed matched lawn chairs that they will be bringing with them.

Lots of M&M’s around, to celebrate the marriage of Mike and Mari.

We the guests have been told to bring our fishing poles. And I just know during the ceremony at least one man, will already be standing at the pond getting his fishing on.

The bride has informed me she is sure someone will toss the happy couple into the pond after. To that I respond, please take pictures before the ceremony then! Haha Me being my anal self this very much distresses me. The bride in a Pond! Come on! But I know Mari well, and she will just laugh.

Myself, I will be running the complete opposite direction the moment I see the Dunk Em’ look in the eyes of Mike’s friends.

I hope all the summer weddings you attend this year will be as much fun as the one I will be attending to all of my Matron of Honor duties, ie. running from said pond while bride and groom take their first swim.

Hope you check back in with me in a month, when I will be holding my own “funeral” for that particular white dress.

(Ok Mari, I mentioned you, and here is my shout out to Boots the cat whom you and my son share from 2 whole states away.) Love ya girl!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh Sweet #23

On Friday of the year 2000, June the 23rd, my brand new, week old car, broke down.
A friend was driving and she pulled off the road into the driveway next us.
A bit later, inside my car, I peeked through the crack where the hood of my car stood open, to see the man who lived there.

This man became my husband, and father of my son.

We went to dinner the next day and from that moment on our fates were sealed.
We enjoy telling this story, and have told it often. He will say I did not tell it right when he reads this. So I must add, that it was the hottest day of the year.

Sweat was literally raining off of him as he tried to fix it. After a while he went back down to the boat dock at which he worked. When he did not come back in what I thought was a reasonable amount of time. I sent my friend to see what was up.

I could not believe my ears when she came back with news that he was eating.

Eating? Yes, now I totally get it. My husband was only being his self.

We always celebrate our anniversary as June 23rd. And Imade sure the day we married, it was so. It too was a very hot day.

My birthday being a 23rd and his being the following month on the 23rd, we now have a fondness for the number.

I did not mention much of my husban on my first entry. And that is because he desvers more than a mention. So he got an entire entry.

Moving here was very hard for him. We had to start over and it took longer than expected to find a job. Those of you who are married know if a man isn't providing financially for his family he doesn’t feel like a man at all.

But to me, he always provides in many other ways. He takes care of me and our son everyday. And I can be a handful I know.

My papa always told me that “I’m more trouble than I’m worth” and now that he’s gone those words, while true, mean: I’m worth the trouble.

So thank you Hunny, for being the one to show me that is true. For the last almost 11 years now, and for being a great dad!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Confessions Of A House Wife

You know you are a Housewife when you don’t get dressed until dinner is made and your husband is on his way home.

So I have been wanting to blog for awhile now. I just had not decided on my angle.
I am a Twi-Fan and that thought had crossed my mind, but i don’t devote as much time to that as I did while waiting for New Moon to hit the theaters.
I am also consumed with Paul McDonald at the present time. For those of you who do not know he is a contestant on a little show called American Idol, season 10.
But that wasn’t where my niche lie either.

Then 10 Min's ago while putting my clothes on for the day, that thought came into my mind and while comical, it hit me.
That is it. My blog should be about my life. My crazy House-Wife Life.

I have one son who is now nearly 10 years old. He is a 3rd grader this year, tackling those times tables. And I’m proud to say he past every test including the mixes. Which earned him vanilla and chocolate ice cream at the sundae party. He was also the only person in the class to pass the 9’s on the very first try.
Where does time go? A question asked by every mother in the world, many times during their mothering years.

We have 2 Dachshunds Dottie and Danny. Dottie is 2 years old and she really filled the void after our other puppy GG died 2 days after thanksgiving. Danny whom I call Little Danny, is only 5 months old. They are very much like children. Potty-ing all over the place, fighting, and jealousy. Demanding of attention, needing help up on to the bed, and always having to go when the car leaves the drive. The smartest breed of dog I have ever seen.

I have not always been a stay at home mom. I was at home until my son started pre-school at the age of 3. And it only took me a few months to decide home without him was not so much fun.

So his second semester, of his first year of school, I went back to school my self. I did a year of business classes at the local vocational school and was certified in Web Design. I have always thought of myself as an artist and when I discovered I could take it to the new age by creating Art on the Web I loved that idea.

Until recently I ran the Web Site for my local Kiwanis Club and I loved every minute of it. I loved how those “old” Kiwanis men were so quirky and set in their ways. Yes boys I called you old. Sorry, you know I love you all!

And I do. I grew to really enjoy them.

Our family moved 6 months ago to a new state, and I miss my work and the relationships I formed with a few of them. I must clarify, that there are women in the club, and they are wonderful Ladies. I say “men” because I personally dealt mostly with the men.

So now in my new town, I have been trying to find my place here. I have been to shy to get too involved with the PTA, and we opted out of the Cub Scouts where I had been a leader. I gave up my job at the Methodist church as the Secretary. Now I’m just taking care of my boys my 2 dachshund's, and the house.

I was, as I believed, an integral part of the community. In a town where I grew up. Most of my family live there. And I’m just trying to get settled into this new uneventful life. Doing the At-Home thing once again.

So here I am hoping this Blog will help me in that endeavor.
Until next time, take care of those you love.

Housewife, Mom, and the Lady who says No! No! too many times a day
to Dottie and Danny Dachsund.