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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Baseball Weekend

What did you do this weekend?
Weekends are the time you get to spend with your family.
We try to do at least one thing together out of the house.
So this weekend my family went to our first professional baseball game.
We went to watch the Springfield Cardinals.
They are a minor league team, owned by the St. Louis Cardinals.

As we entered the stadium we were each handed a #24 Garcia tee-shirt.
Then moved along to the next line to have our Tees signed.
The best kind of souvenir's are the ones that you get autographed!
Oh ya, and doubly so if its free!

My son soon decided that Matt Adams was his favorite player.
I laughed each time he was announced and my son would repeat,
“Oooo Matt Adams?”
The reason it was funny was he would just have
finished a sentence such as,
“Ya Matt Adams, hes the best one.” Or
“Matt Adams gained us the most... Oooo Matt Adams?”

He was hoping to have his team logo baseball signed.
As we were not able to catch up to Mr. Adams at the end of the game.
I am betting we will be going back, just so he can get that autograph!

I myself am use to tee ball.
This is where everyone in the stands are a parent.
These parents generally get under my skin.
Putting so much pressure on 3-5 year old just learning the game.
Causing mental anguish.
I once heard a mother behind me yell at her son
that if he didn't strike out this team
he would be staying at home with grandma
while the family goes to Branson.
Yes I am serious! I wanted to slug her.

I could probably have gotten away with knocking her one
with my hot pink crutch!
Oh sorry, I have uncontrolled tick! Opps!
I actually did not think of that.
But last year at the 1st showing of Eclipse it nearly happened.
(My friend Mari told me that excuse would work. haha)

To explain myself- This side note:
Do not go to a Twilight Movie if you are not a fan,
on opening night and sit behind a fan who got there hours early
and heckle the movie!
You just might get whacked with a hot pink crutch!

Back to the game.
As I was saying I am used to Tee-ball.
So there were times this weekend I
actually forgot that they were playing down there on the field.

Ya I would look down and think Oh ya! They are playing still.
It was just too quiet.
Plus my husband was up and down the majority of the game.
Getting more refreshments.
He bought popcorn, cotton candy, pizza’s, a braut, and a salad.
No they were not all for him, but all I ate was popcorn.
I thought the two of them were going to eat everything in the place. :)

We had a great time.
I learned that you can never go with enough money.
I liked that every time the teams switched sides
the announcer had a game of some sort to throw
in a little more entertainment.
The scary part is those fly balls!
An old man around the age of 80 got hit in the shoulder
several rows in-front of us.
The best part was that Zach had a blast!
His favorite part I think was the kiss cam, and the mascots.
He spent the night with his Nana afterwards
and I am sure she got an ear full!

I realized I know nothing about baseball.
Even after all the greatest movies throughout the years.
Major League 1 & 2, The Sandlot, Little Big League,
Rookie of the Year, and so on.
Nope, I still know nothing.
I was so lost I told my son the refs in black were the other team.
Yep, I sure did. Then when I realized my goof,
a while later I’m ashamed to say.
I tried to correct this. Leaned over and whispered to my son,
I was wrong the other team is in the red shirts.
He tells me, “I knew you were wrong the whole time.”
Haha! Kids, what would we do without them?

Hope your weekend was as good as mine!
Well not so much cause my car broke down yesterday,
I hope you did not have that much fun.

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