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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cell Phones Rule: the world

This past weekend I got a new cell phone.
A Motorola Flipout.
I love it! It has so many gadgets and gizmo's to play with.

My Mom calls me the gadget queen because I seem to collect
electronic devices. This was not my goal. It just works out that way.
New fun toys to try out!
Hey its great that there are toys for adults out there!

Well I told you that so I can say that after all my years of playing on
high dollar toys, this one might be smarter than me! haha

It has so much on it I have yet to learn how to use it all. I am new to the Android platform.
This is my first. MotoBlur too is new to me. I like that you can combine all
your contacts from all over the Web. But who really calls every single friend on their Facebook?
And I only personally know like 3 of my Twitter peeps.

I do like that I can tap my home screen widget, and post my latest random thoughts on all my social networks with one click.
Another cool feature is the Facebook import to my contacts means when the phone
rings I see the picture from the person’s profile page.
And I can read their last post on my contact page.

It looks nothing like a phone in the general sense of the word.
Its fits in the palm of my hand, and is square.
I told my husband the other night how amazing it is, that phones are not just phones anymore.
Can you remember Party Lines? I do.
The phone hung on the wall.
And a three way call was when the neighbor was listening in.

Now your phone can send an instant message to anyone through text or IM.
You can check your email, play any of over 100 games, compose a PowerPoint for work,
check your myspace, it is endless!

My neighbor told me yesterday that she doesn't need a data plan because she has internet at home. She doesn’t want to pay for it twice! This would boggle many.
These days even in my own house you can get online with about any Mobile device out there.
A playstation, PSP, DSi, Ipod, IPad, Xbox, and ofcourse your Cell phone.
Some even have wifi catchers, mine does.

You can even buy a device called a mifi so you can take your Internet connection in your pocket!
Even 20 years ago the world was not this high tech.

There’s no need for encyclopedia's anymore.
That was the source for ALL information 15 years ago.

Could we go a whole week without getting on the Internet?
Without peeking at Facebook?

I think its cool, but I’m a gadget queen.
I just hope we don’t get too carried away. Have you seen iRobot?

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