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Monday, April 11, 2011

Check List

As I am making a wedding checklist for my friend Mari I am thinking of a checklist for life.

We all have one even if we do not have it wrote down.

Move out of parents house
Decide on further schooling
Meet my mate
Buy a house
Have babies

Even simpler joys go on the list as well,
New Car
Nice Clothes
Great Friends
Killer Cell Phone
Everyone’s list is different since we are not robots in this
crazy journey of LIfe.
Sometimes you lose your way, and that would mean revising your list.
I have seen those who I am sure, forgot the original list altogether.
This is sad to me.
I believe when we are teens, we are most pure in what we want from life.
What goal we want to achieve, what roads we would most like to take.
Yes as teens we only have the dream, and lots of times we learn the real world can not provide the exact plan the way we want it.
But it can be molded to fit anyway. Just a few adjustments and Wah LA! Perfect! (well, mostly).

The winds of change however can blow some so far off course they feel like the original checklist no longer applies, and so they abandon it all.
I don’t think this is necessary.
Yourself is the only person you can 100% count on through everything.
Yourself loves you more than anyone. Yourself is who keeps you sane.

No I’m not saying be selfish, not at all.
You will love others beyond all measure. More than you love yourself.
Did I lose anyone there?
Yourself is inside you. It is your driving force,
it can be your life vest.
If you use it.

Are yo still following your original Check List?
Are you being true to yourself?
Do you love yourself?
Really think about this now. If you are unsure at all.
Its time to go back to the drawing board.
Take all the old Check lists and MERGE them together.
Start new dreams, let the past stay there if it did not work for you. Correct the mistakes you made within yourself and pick yourself up.
Its time to get off the floor.
Dry your eyes, and find that teen inside. He/She is still there.
Though your dreams may have grown, may have evolved.

Bottom line, Put your check list into action! Put your life right.
Be the You that you deserve to be!
And Above all else Love Yourself.

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