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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Confessions Of A House Wife

You know you are a Housewife when you don’t get dressed until dinner is made and your husband is on his way home.

So I have been wanting to blog for awhile now. I just had not decided on my angle.
I am a Twi-Fan and that thought had crossed my mind, but i don’t devote as much time to that as I did while waiting for New Moon to hit the theaters.
I am also consumed with Paul McDonald at the present time. For those of you who do not know he is a contestant on a little show called American Idol, season 10.
But that wasn’t where my niche lie either.

Then 10 Min's ago while putting my clothes on for the day, that thought came into my mind and while comical, it hit me.
That is it. My blog should be about my life. My crazy House-Wife Life.

I have one son who is now nearly 10 years old. He is a 3rd grader this year, tackling those times tables. And I’m proud to say he past every test including the mixes. Which earned him vanilla and chocolate ice cream at the sundae party. He was also the only person in the class to pass the 9’s on the very first try.
Where does time go? A question asked by every mother in the world, many times during their mothering years.

We have 2 Dachshunds Dottie and Danny. Dottie is 2 years old and she really filled the void after our other puppy GG died 2 days after thanksgiving. Danny whom I call Little Danny, is only 5 months old. They are very much like children. Potty-ing all over the place, fighting, and jealousy. Demanding of attention, needing help up on to the bed, and always having to go when the car leaves the drive. The smartest breed of dog I have ever seen.

I have not always been a stay at home mom. I was at home until my son started pre-school at the age of 3. And it only took me a few months to decide home without him was not so much fun.

So his second semester, of his first year of school, I went back to school my self. I did a year of business classes at the local vocational school and was certified in Web Design. I have always thought of myself as an artist and when I discovered I could take it to the new age by creating Art on the Web I loved that idea.

Until recently I ran the Web Site for my local Kiwanis Club and I loved every minute of it. I loved how those “old” Kiwanis men were so quirky and set in their ways. Yes boys I called you old. Sorry, you know I love you all!

And I do. I grew to really enjoy them.

Our family moved 6 months ago to a new state, and I miss my work and the relationships I formed with a few of them. I must clarify, that there are women in the club, and they are wonderful Ladies. I say “men” because I personally dealt mostly with the men.

So now in my new town, I have been trying to find my place here. I have been to shy to get too involved with the PTA, and we opted out of the Cub Scouts where I had been a leader. I gave up my job at the Methodist church as the Secretary. Now I’m just taking care of my boys my 2 dachshund's, and the house.

I was, as I believed, an integral part of the community. In a town where I grew up. Most of my family live there. And I’m just trying to get settled into this new uneventful life. Doing the At-Home thing once again.

So here I am hoping this Blog will help me in that endeavor.
Until next time, take care of those you love.

Housewife, Mom, and the Lady who says No! No! too many times a day
to Dottie and Danny Dachsund.

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