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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Holiday

Well it's raining here.
It has been all weekend, and still going strong.
Last night while watching tv the ceiling began to drip
right on my entertainment center and the Tv.
Yeah of all the places in my house, please, drip on my electronics.

Due to all this rain kids had to hunt eggs in the house yesterday.
It was a good thing we only did plastic eggs this year.
Because we never found 2 of them.
At least the house won’t stink! haha

We have had an interesting weekend.
My son got a live bunny rabbit from us.
The problem is that my oldest Dotson Dotty is a varmit dog.
She can not stand that she can not chase it away or eat it!
We tried to introduce them. No go.
So the poor bunny, named Skipper, is reduced to living in the basement.
Until the rain subsides anyway.

Getting a Easter Bunny is sort of a tradition we started for Zach.
He got one for his 1st, 2nd and 3rd Easter as well.
I think we also had one for his 5th Easter.
It didn’t last long. Neighbors grabbed it up on
their walk through the neighborhood I believe.

Of all the things to take.
We did have guinea pigs stolen once as well.
Some people just have no clue.

Of course we had dinner yesterday.
Everyone got nicely stuffed.
I got to see a few of my niece’s and one of my nephew’s.
Family time never seems to last long enough.
Both of my brothers did not make it to dinner.
Missed you guys.
My youngest brother lives a few states away.
But the other one text me that he was feeling
kindne Pune...no this is not a typo.
I laughed. But his phone is hard to text on.
Even still, felling Kindne Pune
will probably be something we say now. haha

I hope you all had lots of food, fun, and time with your families
this Holiday weekend.
Be Nice to Each Other!

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