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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Interview with a side of Give-A-Way

I want to tell you about one of my favorite authors.
You may not have heard about her because
she just published her first book.
But I can fix that.
You will know her now.
Her name is NM Facile.
Her first book is Across The Hall.
I say first book because I know she will have many more published.

NM Facile is who I was speaking of when I mentioned
the Author I follow through Fan Fiction.
I know her personally and that is what first led me to read Across the Hall.
I was immediately hooked on her story.
It reminded me of when I was first in love, young, and unsure.
I rooted for her Characters like they were my best friends.
She writes them in such a way you feel as if you have always known them.
As if they grew up on your block.

So I thought it might be fun to do a mini interview and ask her a few questions.
So I did.

Me: What is your absolute favorite book?

NM Facile: My absolute favorite book is a toss up between Wishes
and Knight in Shining Armor both by Jude Deveraux.
Those are both my guilty pleasure books.
I go back and reread them whenever I feel like I need something comforting.
I do have a favorite series of books too.
That is the Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin.
They are way more than fantasy novels.
They have everything - mystery, court intrigue, magic, sex, battles,
and anything you could want from a story. I can't say enough about this series.
I suggest reading it before you watch the HBO series.
The show is great but doesn't even hold a candle to the books.

Me: What do you love most about writing?

NM Facile: The thing I love most about writing is being able to escape
 into the world I'm writing about.
When I was a kid I loved playing with Barbies.
I could make up elaborate stories as I played with them.
Since I'm an adult now I get funny looks by all,
except my daughter, if I hold up dolls and have them talk to each other.
So now I can write out the stories that play in my head.
I have a close second love with writing though, and that's research.
I love learning new things and researching for stories.

Me: I totally understand the barbie thing. I did that too.
        Where is your favorite place to write?

NM Facile: I almost always write while sitting on the couch in my bedroom.
I turn the lights off and the music on and lose myself.

Me: If there was one thing you could tell your readers/fans what would it be?

NM Facile: Thank you. I love writing for all of you.

Me: And just for fun, what is your greatest desire?

NM Facile: My greatest desire? That's a tough one.
If you mean a person - definitely Robert Pattinson.
For a material object - a bigger house with a live in maid.
For my peace of mind - knowing that my kids and family are safe, happy, and healthy.

Me: A girl after my own heart! HAHA Yes I agree with you,
If I could Keep Rob in my pocket that is where you would find him. :)

Maybe now you can see why I enjoy her so much!

You can get Across the Hall from Amazon.
It is published through http://ireadiwrite.com/
If you want a preview of the book you can catch it here.
As well as links to online stores where you may download it.

When I first approached her about doing an entry on her
for my blog she told me I could do a signed Ebook give-a-way.
I was totally excited.
Now I can give back to you.
Well one of you anyway.

So if you would like to enter for a chance to win a Signed copy (ebook)
of Across The Hall by NM Facile here is how.
1. Follow me on the right --->
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3. Leave me your email address in the comment space so I can contact you if you win!
(or you can email me the address if you want to keep it private. But you still have to leave a comment.)

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        I will post the winner next Thursday the 5th.

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I am certain you will love NM Facile as much as I do.
You can read her Fan Fiction stories by going to http://www.fanfiction.net/
and searching Zephyersky
Or from her FanFic Author page http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1711949/


  1. Hey Crystal,
    NM Facile sounds like a great preson and author. I am always up for a good book. But how every I only get to read after my son goese to bed.
    If you don't mind me saying, I kind of wished you would have told a little bit about the book Across the Hall.

  2. Hey Crystal thanks for the interview and the book suggestion! I definately plan to check it out. I just purchased a Kindle and am waiting on the mail man to deliver :) Do you have any other suggestions? I love to read just about anything. Been stuck on classic literature for a while but my most recent obsession is Nicholas Sparks. Wendy

  3. Have you read Water For Elephants yet? It is a good read. And will help to pass the time. You may have read it, but one of my favorite's is Tuesday's with Morrie. Or check out The Gazebo by Emily Grayson.

  4. Hey Crystal, I am reading Water For Elephants right now. and I am really enjoying it. I am planing to go and watch the movie Friday night with some friends. Have you seen the movie yet?
    Melissa K.