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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Messy Room

Are your kids like mine?
Do they get the messiest rooms and you don't know how it got so bad?
I went into my son’s room to find a game of mine and came out with
a bag full of trash.
80% of it was paper.
I have to do full clean outs at least every 3 or 4 months.

And is it just my kid or does the household trash seem to end up
in their bed rooms?
I find the rods from blinds in there all the time.
What does he do with such things?

My son is a very creative boy.
He loves to do origami and build stuff out of paper or twigs.
Yes twigs, of all sizes.
I find whittled ones and some taped together to form mini tee pees.
My only problem with all this is that he makes this stuff,
then holds on to it like its treasure.
And it is. It's his treasure.
But I ask, how many origami Yoda’s does one small child need?

How do we prepare them to be clean adults?
I think after 10 years of telling him how to clean
he should be better at it by this point.

As a baby I started him out by pointing out toys one at a time
and having him put them away.
This one in the toy box, that one on the shelf...
Laundry in the basket, trash in the trash can.

So now what?
What more can one do for their child than give the tools and
hope for the best outcome?

I suppose this is true of everything we teach them.
I am just glad I have 6 more years before he can drive.

How do we turn them lose on the world and have no fear?
If he can not follow simple cleaning directions how can I let him lose on the highway? I ask myself.

As Teenager's ourselves we wanted that freedom.
We sought out the chance to prove ourselves.
And always felt we could do it.
As a Mom I fear that same freedom.
I am sure I will not be sleeping nights when he is out.

I am reminded of my own Mother
telling me she didn’t sleep on certain nights.
The good thing is that for now,
I only have to worry about Messy Rooms,
Thank Goodness!

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