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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Movie of the Week

So I have decided to do a Movie Of the Week for you all.
I will give my thoughts on the latest movie I love.
And Maybe sometimes re-visit an old Classic.

But do not worry I wont give away any plot lines, I hate that.

I think if I have the time to post I will try to make it a weekly Saturday thing. Saturday nights are good for movies. We usually watch movies here though on Friday nights since there is not much of a selection on T.V. Friday evenings.

Movies are as much the American past time as Baseball. Which we will be going to do next weekend. We are going to see the Springfield cardinals are getting excited for that. But I will give you more on that later.

I enjoy getting to go to the movies. You get to spend time with the family doing something everyone can enjoy. We almost always go to watch Disney movies or Kid friendly movies. We save the movies rated above PG 13 for rentals.

This week my favorite movie I have seen recently is Going the Distance.
It is rated R and not suitable for children. But it gets my vote because it is the funniest movie
I have seen in a while.

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long make it a given that it will be funny. Anything I have ever seen with these two has been a hit in my opinion! It is a tale about wheather or not a relationship can make it from long distance, across the entire U.S. actually.

It does have some bad language mostly from Drew herself, and a few R rated scenes. For me it was funny enough to overlook in this case.

But Just in case you are not a Rated R movie watcher like many are, I will say that my new Favorite Disney movie is by far Tangled.

I loved it so much. With all the quirky characters including the horse and gecko, it was so enjoyable to watch, as well as funny.

Movie I’m looking forward to right now is Water for Elephants starring Robert Pattinson and Reece Witherspoon. Did anyone catch them on the Country Music Awards show the other night?

What has been your latest favorite movie?

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