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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh Sweet #23

On Friday of the year 2000, June the 23rd, my brand new, week old car, broke down.
A friend was driving and she pulled off the road into the driveway next us.
A bit later, inside my car, I peeked through the crack where the hood of my car stood open, to see the man who lived there.

This man became my husband, and father of my son.

We went to dinner the next day and from that moment on our fates were sealed.
We enjoy telling this story, and have told it often. He will say I did not tell it right when he reads this. So I must add, that it was the hottest day of the year.

Sweat was literally raining off of him as he tried to fix it. After a while he went back down to the boat dock at which he worked. When he did not come back in what I thought was a reasonable amount of time. I sent my friend to see what was up.

I could not believe my ears when she came back with news that he was eating.

Eating? Yes, now I totally get it. My husband was only being his self.

We always celebrate our anniversary as June 23rd. And Imade sure the day we married, it was so. It too was a very hot day.

My birthday being a 23rd and his being the following month on the 23rd, we now have a fondness for the number.

I did not mention much of my husban on my first entry. And that is because he desvers more than a mention. So he got an entire entry.

Moving here was very hard for him. We had to start over and it took longer than expected to find a job. Those of you who are married know if a man isn't providing financially for his family he doesn’t feel like a man at all.

But to me, he always provides in many other ways. He takes care of me and our son everyday. And I can be a handful I know.

My papa always told me that “I’m more trouble than I’m worth” and now that he’s gone those words, while true, mean: I’m worth the trouble.

So thank you Hunny, for being the one to show me that is true. For the last almost 11 years now, and for being a great dad!

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