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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reading & Writing

So I recently bought my newest 500+ page Stefanie Meyer book.
The Twilight saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.
In the front of the book is an interview,
which is more of 2 authors having a conversation
on the subject they share. Writing.
As I am reading I began notice ways that I am like them.
I do some things in my writing as one, an some like the other.

I have always had the urge to write, and have dabbled with a few short story’sbefore starting this blog.
One thing I have found is that you can not write anything
if you are in the wrong mood.
I have to be light and airy to write.
And if I am not, nothing flows.

I think most people who love to write also love to read.
I can get lost in a book.
Sometimes not re-surfacing for days.
Usually that is if I am reading a series though.
I am a fast reader and if really interested I will complete even a 500 page book in 24 hours.

My favorites are series books.
I get attached to my characters if the book is any good.
And I can not let them go.
The last series I read was Harry Potter.
Yes I was very behind. I just read them.

I have always liked the movies but never had read the books.
I cried at the end of all 3 of the last books.

And when I finish a series I keep wanting
to sit with my characters for a few days afterwards.
I guess you could say I have withdraws.
Because of this, I do not read as often as I used to.
I pick up some here and there,
I also try to stick to Fan Ficition.

Really I only read one author’s Fan Fiction.
She is very good. Zephyersky
I will give you more info on her later.

Fan Fiction is updated one chapter at at time.
Therefore you can pace yourself if you are like me. haha

I think that is one reason I like soap opera’s so much.
You get to continue with your characters every week day.
Until Jan. of next year that is...

Here is a phone number you can call to save the soaps.
If you don’t care either way but have free time,
give em’ a call for me will ya.

Call (818)460-7477
Enter the following numbers at the pronpts:
1,2,3, and 255 for AMC
1,2,3, and 663 for OLTL
or you can write to ABC's President
Anne Sweeney
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521
The main thing: be respectful!

Thanks again for reading me
and helping me to have over 300 page reads thus far.
I ask you to recommend me to your friends if you like my stuff.
I would love the chance to build my followers. :)

When I am not tending to House Wifely duties,
I Love Reading and Writing, but not Arithmatic!
What do you love to do?


  1. I am so liking ur blogs ur my book I cant put down can't wait to have tea lol

  2. Thank you so much...incase you are having trouble leaving comments you must pick an option from the comment as drop box. you can put in your name or just leave it in your comment. :)

  3. Ok I thought I knew who that post was from, but I was wrong..if it is my father, come have tea or coffe anytime you want. :)
    Thank you for the comment glad you like to read me. :)