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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Redneck Wedding

One of my best friends is getting married in a little over a month.
They like to have fun and have shown us all this by having a redneck wedding.

It will be held at a beautiful pond, I will be standing next to her, while their friend's look on us from the mixed matched lawn chairs that they will be bringing with them.

Lots of M&M’s around, to celebrate the marriage of Mike and Mari.

We the guests have been told to bring our fishing poles. And I just know during the ceremony at least one man, will already be standing at the pond getting his fishing on.

The bride has informed me she is sure someone will toss the happy couple into the pond after. To that I respond, please take pictures before the ceremony then! Haha Me being my anal self this very much distresses me. The bride in a Pond! Come on! But I know Mari well, and she will just laugh.

Myself, I will be running the complete opposite direction the moment I see the Dunk Em’ look in the eyes of Mike’s friends.

I hope all the summer weddings you attend this year will be as much fun as the one I will be attending to all of my Matron of Honor duties, ie. running from said pond while bride and groom take their first swim.

Hope you check back in with me in a month, when I will be holding my own “funeral” for that particular white dress.

(Ok Mari, I mentioned you, and here is my shout out to Boots the cat whom you and my son share from 2 whole states away.) Love ya girl!

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