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Friday, April 15, 2011

A Sad Turn of Events

Yesterday I learned 2 things that saddened me.
Which has led to being up before Zach,
typing on my tiny cell phone in bed this morning.
Because I have to write down my thoughts,
so that I can begin to process and move on.
So I will start with the 2nd thing that has upset me.

I sat on my couch last night, not realizing what I was seeing.
I was watching American Idol season 10.
On stage was Stefano Langone and Paul McDonald, and my husband wanted to talk bills.

Bills right now? Paul is on stage....
He was talking to me, so I did not hear the results.
I watched, never thinking it was a possibility it would go the way I did not want it too.
I watched as Paul hugge Stefano, and I just knew that meant Stefano was gone.

My husband gets my attention again and when I look back.

Why is Paul standing there on stage with Ryan Seacrest?
What kind of fan hell is this!
I dialed all through a movie I watched with my son last night.

I am stunned.

My sister texts me and this is what I see:
R u screaming
Or crying

I answered, No I’m shocked.
And a few Minute’s later I text her and admitted that, I could cry.

I have been consumed with Paul McDonald.
Twitter stalking him, helping him reach his goals in followers,
joining fan groups, tweeting with other fans.
This was not what we expected.
The noise on Twitter was crazy when it happened.

I could barley hear him sing Maggie May, one last song on the American Idol stage.
Because my husband once again is trying to get my attention.
I say Jace, Paul is going home.
He is not phased a bit, as if I never said a word.

So I am now writing on my phone because last night was so crazy
that I had no time to fan grieve.

I will be online watching him sing Maggie May sometime today.
That I am sure.
In my opinion Paul was one of the best they had.
With his own sound, which reminds me of Rod Stewart, he will go far.

I am glad though,
that no one acted as if Stefano was dirt on the bottom of their shoes
last night.
The way they did when Pia Toscano went home last week.
I had predicted Pia would go home anyway.

I am also a fan of Stefano’s, and while I did in no way want to see Paul go home.
I was not happy he was standing next to Stefano when it happened.

Paul McDonald is the lead singer of a band called The Grand Magnolias.
They have 3 albums out that you can get at the bands official site.
Two of the Albums are under the name High Tide Blues.
The name they previously held.

http://thegrandmagnolias.com/ this is the link for the home page.

There is a Music and Lyrics page where you can hear their music.
I Love this band, and Paul, if you happen to read this
you should know, that I will continue to support you and the band.
As will many many other fans.

Paul McRocks!

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