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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Social Smocial

When you try to write everyday on a new topic,
someday’s the right topic for that day just isn’t as clear.
I sat here thinking well, where am I at today?
What is going on in my life.
Not much today, was my answer.

But I thought about Facebook and other social networks.
And I wondered, are they deserving of the name?
Or have they actually made us unsocial?
We can get in the habit of thinking, well I talked to them on
Facebook yesterday so there’s no need to call.
No reason to get in the car and go hang out and visit.

Some may not even leave the house because they are
watering their Farmville crops, or trying to reach a goal on Frontierville.
I know how it is because until 6 months ago I did all this.
Having a not-so-great Internet connection has forced me off of my Frontierville.
Which turned out to be not so bad though.

But are we forgetting how to really be social?
How to get out there and communicate face-to-face?
We get lazy in our speech.
You can not walk up to someone and say,
“HI I hope UR day was Gr8!”

I do love Facebook though.
It has reconnected me with a few good friends from
grade school whom I had not seen for years and always thought about.
I’m very glad to have them back in my life.
I wish to get to see them in the REAL world sometime soon.

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