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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why ABC WHY???

Yesterday I told you about 2 things that were upsetting to me.
One was that Paul McDonald was voted off of American Idol season 10 this week.
If you missed that post you can find it on the left.

Today I will tell you what the other was.

If you have not heard ABC released an official statement on April 14th.
The details were that they have canceled two of their longest running shows.
One Life to Live and All My Children. These shows have been on the air since 1968 and 1970.

My great grandmother watched these shows.
I have watched them since I was born.

Being born with Cerebral Palsy my mother would plop me down in front of the television so she could get her house work done. I couldn’t really go anywhere so I watched whatever was on.

I loved summers after I started school because I could watch them.
I remember sitting at a friends grandmothers one summer watching the trial when Todd attacked Marty.

Once in high school I had my own TV in my room and I would record my 3 shows and watch them everyday after school. Where I can remember crying because Bobbie and Luke’s Aunt Ruby died. And again when Sonny left the mob, and with it the show.
I am nearly 30 years old and these shows have been a part of my life all these years.
As well as many other people.
I went to Google for insight into why this was happening and found that every thread I looked at had 200+ people upset just as I.

I had a debate the other day about Natalie on OLTL.
We both had very different views and opinions on her.
And while we were debating I was thinking how sad it was.
We all love our characters, and to some they have become like a second family.
We know the characters inside and out.
How do we just let them go?

When giving her this info My Mom asked me “What will you do?”
And I ask how many of you are asking yourself this very same question.

The 2 shows are being replaced by a health food show called THE CHEW
and a get healthy show called The Revolution.
I will not be watching them.
I am pretty sure ABC will lose in this effort to gain more viewers.
As I am also afraid General Hospital will take a huge blow to ratings due to angry viewers.
And it will soon follow, to the Soap opera grave yard, of the lost soaps of our past.

As a stay at home mom I feel soaps are the enjoyment of the day.
Who wants to fold laundry to get healthy bull?
That I save for 3 o’clock when Dr. Oz comes on.

ABC have you lost your mind?

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