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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Daze

Ice cream cones
Baseball games
Swiming suits
And pools.

Watergun fights
And burnt marshmallows

Tank tops
Cut off jeans
Air mattresses
And cousins

Starring at the stars
Blasting the radio
Cook outs
And ice cold tea

Summer is always the best memories
Staying the week with your aunt a few states away.
Having your first kiss
Falling in love
And running rampant

Summer Daze
Are the very best days

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Powers of music

Music has powerful effects on people.
I am discovering how so.
I have noticed I write a lot about music and singing.
One thing I have always known is that I like guys with musical talent.
When I was 16 I was absolutely certain I would marry Bryan White.
A true fact, that my husband actually told Bryan when I got the chance to meet him a couple years ago.
My infatuation with Paul McDonald from American Idol this season should tell you that as well.
I love his voice!
Today I was watching the Ellen Show and her performer was James Blunt.
He sings Stay the night.
He is not someone I would take a second look at.
I have never really been attracted to blond haired men.
I started to stand up, then I heard the tune. The song was catchy so I waited to listen.
The more I watched him, the better he began to look.
That thought made me laugh.
So I really looked. I decided without the voice and talent, he would not appeal to me at all.
And I began to think of all the ways this had happened to me in my past.
Even once at a show in Silver Dollar city.
The brother of 5 who was the most outgoing and talented drew me .
So to the men at there,  be outgoing and learn to sing.
You will attract many women! Haha
I will Live in the music and love every minute of it!
Because music speaks to the soul.
And I like to talk back.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer has begun!

There were 2 pictures I forgot yesterday.
My bouquet an also one more.
The picture with my bouquet has my souvenir glass as well.
Mari gave this to me on my way out at the wedding.
It reminds me of my Prom glasses.
She had small bobber favors in the bottom.
Just like the plastic stars from my Jr Prom.

Last night I had dinner with the happy couple.
Mike informed me that he did not have any pictures of him on the post.
So here it is Mike.
We had lots of fun last night.
Its nice to go out with just adults sometimes.

So the summer has started here at my house.
We have My friends little girl for a month or so.
The other day the kids got a water-slide.
Very good investment.
And a great way to stay cooled off.

We have lots of fun things lined up to do.
Baseball games, the zoo, pool days, a trip to the water park
and much more!
Its very different to live in a town where we can do all these fun things.
I'm used to small town living.

I would also like to say to remember the people of Joplin.
The tornado's have taken 117 lives so far.
Last I heard they are still searching for missing loved ones.

Be kind to each other!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bride who wore pink panties

So this weekend was the Redneck wedding of my friends Mike an Mari.
The good news is that I do not have to hold a funeral for the dress.
It survived!
It was actually moved to a church due to all the rain as of late.
The couple were not completely happy with this.
But they just went to the pond after the reception.
Fishing and fun for all!
Oh ya, and one necked baby girl! haha

So there is so much to talk about I hope I can fit it all in one entry!
First, the case of the missing underwear:
dun dun dun... lol
Yes the white panties belonging to the bride were missing.
She even called for anyone wanting to share? haha
Needless to say the bride wore pink undies.
You couldn't see through the dress so it was fine in the end.
Ok so you have heard of Tulsa time.
But have you heard of Mike time?
Mike never gets anywhere on time.
Trust me, I have waited several times. :)
So it should not have been a surprise that he held the ceremony up until half an hour late.
Groom Time.
Meanwhile the bride sweat-ted in the back room.
and tried to keep out of site of the groom.
Why is it the groom always gets to roam as he pleases while the bridal party stay hid in a hot room? hum..some questions remain unanswered.

The ceremony was perfect.
The couple laughed the whole way through.
The key to a good marriage after all is laughter.
The grooms ring was a bit snug.
But what is a wedding after all if something isn’t perfect?
Heck my shoe fell off going up the isle.
But that’s normal for me and big events! :)

The bride was beautiful.
In-fact if it was not for the guests who dressed for a redneck wedding,
and the bobber favors you would never know it was supposed to be so.
I unfortunately did not get down to the pond.
I live 4 hours from the bride and had to head back early.
I had only had 3 hours of sleep the night before
and a long trip back home.

Congratulations to Mari and Mike!

Since I write abot her alot she must have a fan base by now!
so I asked her what she would like to say to her fans. haha!

And now a message from the bride:
Thanks for being there for me and without my fans I would not have made it this far.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Krissy, Big Kristian

My oldest niece graduated from 8th grade today.
I can't believe she is that old already
time really flies, I remember when I was that age.
It was my favorite time.
She's growing up and will start high school in a few short months.

The graduation was nice.
No one fell out of their shoes the way I did at my 8th grade graduation.
Although one girl did walk up bare foot to receive her awards.

I just can't believe the little girl who would pose for pictures
and didn't want me to share her bedroom is now a teen
about to embark on one of the hardest things we all face.
High school.

She was very beautiful today.
So soon she will be driving, and going off to college.
I can remember mussing up her hair after a bath so it would be curly all over.
And the time she answered the phone telling on her mom and I
by saying we were going to the yicker store.
Or when she stole the heart of my boyfriend.

My niece reads my posts so I'm sure she embarrassed by now.
So I am sorry.
But You were my first niece and that is special.

So to her and others graduating various stages this month,
Enjoy this next step in your life.
Take it slow, and take it all in.
It only happens once.
Make good choices, and smart ones too!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still here

Hello guys!

I am still here.
I am sorry I haven't published in a week.
Blogger was down for three days and I got sick.

Sinuses are no fun.
As I am still recovering.
Allergy season doesn't agree with me.
But I am pressing through.

I have also been very busy working on my house.
I am taking on a little girl for a few weeks this summer.
So I am trying to convert the office into a makeshift bed room.

I have been preparing for a yard sale as well.
Going through everything I have been building for some time now.
I have old bins from high school and they are filled with odd books and old folders.
As well as lots of crafty items.

I have a huge pile that is still growing!

My husband built a cage for the bunny.
We almost lost skipper one day.
Dotty very nearly had her public enemy #1!
But not to worry, Skipper is safe and sound now,
inside his 7ft long casa.

Just wanted to give you all and update.
Not to fear, I'm still here!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May Flowers

 (Flowers from my back yard)

Summer is here! Summer is here!

I know because my allergies are flared.

I'm sneezing and itchy today.
May usually is one of the worst months of the year for me.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect lawn furniture.
I finally found it.
So now I'm on the hunt for the money to get them. haha

I have been thinking of throwing a HEY its Summer! party.
Sounds like fun.
Have all the best things about summer.
Barbecue, friends, family, water fights, and lots of cold drinks!

Just have to get these allergies under control.
Have a great day!
Enjoy this beautiful weather.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Idol Tour

Ok so I am getting excited for the American Idol Tour.

I really wanted to go VIP style.
But that just isn't happening at 250 a ticket.

So I am sorry Paul,
But I will have to meet you another time. :(

It is still pretty expensive.
But I am hoping to go anyway.

I have not been this interested in AI sine the first season.
I really liked both Kelly and Justin.

To prove it I own from Justin to Kelly.
I have been laughed at for that.
But I like musicals.
I just can't help it!

And I will be disappointed if Hailey does not win this season.
All of the other good ones have left already.

My niece likes Scotty.
But While he is a good country singer,
He is not unique enough for me.
And I think he looks like a bobble head doll.

Well he does!

My husband and son are rooting for James Durbin.
Who is your favorite that is left?

Tickets Go on Sale May 13th!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day of the Mother

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s out there.

Are you spending time with your Mom today?

Mom is one profession that does not get the praise it deserves.
Being a mom is the hardest job.
Because you are always worrying about your kids.
My mom must have had lots of worrying.
I have been rather independent.
I moved out into my own place before I was 18.
Even before that.
I was born with Cerebral Palsy, so my mom had to sit through a few surgeries.
I wouldn’t want to have to be the mom there.

And I’m only one out of 4 kids!

That makes me glad I only have one when it’s put that way. haha

Did you ever say,
OMG I just sounded like my mom just then!

I have. lol
But also sometimes I literally sound like my mom.
I hear her voice when I sing at times.
Mostly gospel songs.
Most of the times I have heard my mom sing was at church.

When I was about 12 I remember an occasion where her and I sang together at church.
We were around the piano.
I really don’t remember the song.
Just the act.

My son brought me a card he made his self this morning.
I got a Pokemon themed card.
No, I'm not into Pokemon,
But he sure is!

He is alomst as big as i am.
which is due to the fact I am so short.
But he still sits on my lap when we watch movies.
And I always have to have my arm around him.
No really, he will put it there if I don’t. :)

But I will be sad one day
when he no longer sits there.

So cherish your kids
especially today.
They won’t always be sitting on your lap
bringing you homemade Pokemon cards.

But don’t forget your Mom’s either!
I’m going to dinner out with mine later.

So today I just want to say Thank you Mom!
I love you and hope you had a great day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Life's Curve Balls

Do you ever think about when you were younger?
The mistakes you made.
And wonder if you would do things differently.

I do, on occasion.
When I was younger my answer was no,
I would not do anything different.

But you know,
That was probably because I was young and stupid.
I didn’t know any better than to think all my choices were good ones.

I will be 30 this year.
I can not believe I’m that old.
I watch everyone around me keep getting older.
And it seems so odd.

I don’t know why.

But I know I have grown.
I have changed over the years.
I do not feel that I am as dumb, naive or ditsy any longer.

There was a point in my life where I had been home
being a mom for so many years that I lost myself.
I began to have many phobias.
I once considered going on the TV show
Starting Over.

But like I talked about in my first entry,
I figured it out on my own.
I went back to school.
I did regain part of myself.
The part that I liked.

You know this world throws so much at us
that it is so easy sometimes for it to get us down.
You really have to be a strong person to maintain self.
To not just have a break down an give up.

Give up on your dreams and wants and just surrender.
I know people who struggle with what life throws at them.
And I just want to shake them and scream at them.
It will work out!
Decide to be happy and you will!
Put it on paper, it looks better on paper.

We can not hold on to it all.
I wanted to be an actress, a model, or go into advertising.
But you know that just didn’t work out.
It was what I thought I wanted.
But I heard somewhere if you want God to laugh,
tell him your plans.

I don’t think I am fully living up to my potential.
Being at home is best right now,
but that is why I started this blog.
It helps me, retain myself.

It keeps me sane I guess.
Putting down my thoughts and sharing them,
hoping they might even help someone.
That is therapeutic for me.

I really don’t even know what will come out when I sit to write.
Yes I have a few topics I want to do.
But when I sit down I will know the day I am meant to do them.

I really hope I make someones day better
That I open one’s eyes,
Or that one of you at least gets enjoyment from my posts.

Over 500 hits.
That tells me something I think.
Be kind to each other.
We all need that shoulder to lean on some days.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

And the winner is..

Wow did you see the Hit counter?
500 Hits thus far!
It Amazes me.

I was very happy to do this contest to show you all
That I am thankful you have stuck with me.
And continue to read my posts.

Today is the day.
I will now announce the winner.
The person who won
An Autographed Ebook
Across The Hall By NM Facile is:

Ah you don't really wanna know.....
Ok Okay!

So the winner is
Marian Rice.

If you were not the winner I encourage you
to go get the book and read it.

It will make you remember what it was like to be young
and unsure and falling in love.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sing Out Sing Out as Paul would say

Oprah’s Favorite things....

What about Crystal’s Favorite things?

I don’t know about you

Who out there can sign and not just feel wonderful?
If I am down I can just belt out a tune (on key or off)
And I am in the best mood.

I so love music.

Growing up I only listened to country music.
Unless mom was playing Rod Stewart or some other form of easy listening.

And now Unless its Bryan White I just can not listen to it.
New music that is. Old Country is the best.

But I have found new bands I really enjoy.
Five For Fighting, Train, and The Grand Magnolias are my favorite 3 new bands.
But funny thing is I also enjoy the Goo Goo Dolls and John  Mayer.
I think that is funny. But Some of it is very insightful.
Have you ever just listened to something new and really heard the lyrics?
I get a lot of inspiration for my blogs at night when I am listening to my Pandora station.
It dialed into Train, but I get to hear a lot of these great bands.

So it should come as no surprise that another of my favorite things is Rock Band.
I sing of course.
Something I have to do when my son is at school.
Or else I have to share the singing role.
lol Yes sometimes we have to play with the toys while school is in session.
Hey. That is SO normal. :)

Another of my Favorite things is to read.
Transporting my self into another world.

So sing out loud while you enter to win Across the Hall.
Unless you are at work right now.
Then sing quietly to your self while you follow me to enter the contest.
Today is the last day to enter.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let it Be

So a lot of blogger’s talk about whats going on in the world around us all.
I talk about whats going on in the world around me.

I don’t want to go on about Bin Laden being caught and killed.
Yes we all know where we were when the towers were hit.
And I am positive the only reason we went to war with Iraq was to cover the fact that Bin Laden had not been captured yet.
It was completely to advert our attention.
And totally sucked our country into Major debt.

He has been killed yes.
Finally the loved ones of the many killed on September 11, 2000
have peace.

But I am from Oklahoma, not New york.
So basically while that is great and all I don’t think it personally affects me.

You know what happened to me the day of the annoucement?
Joey Lawerence tweeted me for the 2nd time!

OK so I'm sure some of you are laughing at me.
And others are probably mad that I said it doesn't affect me.

I have family that are in the services.
And knowing they are safe is my only thought on that.
I am hoping now we can pull back from some of this war bull.

I do not see any reason why we need so many troops over seas.
Why have we been at war for 10 years now?

You will have to forgive me.
I am a democrat who thinks Bill Clinton was the best President we had
since my short time on this planet.

Ok so now I have offended the rest of you who were still with me. lol
But it’s true.
We are in such debt.
I really do not follow much of the news, unless it interrupts a show.
Because why add stress to my life?

I have 2 puppies, a bunny, a young son, and a husband.
Do I really need more?

Just now I had to get up and let the dogs out so Dotty can go try to eat Skipper through his cage.
Its a daily trial of hers.
She believes one day she will catch her public enemy #1.

So basically what I am saying is I focus on my House Wifely stuff and
try to put the rest aside.
God will take care of us all
I believe that and it is all I need to know.

But you can help the way I do.
By praying for our Military men and women and their families every night.

So a post that was supposed to not be about world affairs turned out to be just that.

What is going on in my world today is that I am waiting till Thursday to Announce the winner of the E-book signed by author NM Facile.
Today and tomorrow are your last chances to enter.

Just follow my blog
To do that on the right side of this page is a button that says follow.
Click that and choose your email provider. Gmail, Yahoo, AIM or even your Twitter account.

Then leave a Comment on the blog.
If I do not have your email address send it to me here housewifeblog@live.com.

You can get an extra entry by sharing the blog with your facebook friends by clicking the F button after the post. Or by the Share option at the top of this page.

I have had very few enter so far.
So hurry up before its too late!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Is anyone sick of all this rain yet?

The town I just moved from was flooded last week.
And a nearby town to me now is almost completely under water.

The news has been showing houses that only the rooftops can be seen.

I am not however ready for scorching heat.

I have been in the mood to redecorate my house.
The rain keeps coming and with it,
drops of water, into my living room, on my Tv.
So a re-arrangement is going to have to happen at least.

I have found though that if you re-arrange or re-do the living room, the house seems new.
I can stay longer that way.
when I was a young girl I did not like to move.
Change was not welcome in my life.
And I do still have a hard time with it occasionally.

I can tell I have grown becuase I am changing.
My taste buds have grown, which was my first sign.
I can eat things now that I would not have even tried before.

Due to all that moving around though, when I was first married
I wanted to move every 6 months to a year.
So when I learned that just moving a few things to new spots remedied this
it helped to settle me.

Change is something we all face.
Some can embrace it,
others refuse to even think of the possibility.

I challenge you all to try something new.
Move change into your homes.
Throw Change a party!

Do one thing different this month
Step outside your comfort zone.
and see how it makes you feel when you have conquered it.

I'm going to start by letting go.
Something I have a hard time doing.
If I am to redecorate I must let go of a bunch of this stuff cluttering my home.
Its Yard sale time!