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Monday, May 23, 2011

Bride who wore pink panties

So this weekend was the Redneck wedding of my friends Mike an Mari.
The good news is that I do not have to hold a funeral for the dress.
It survived!
It was actually moved to a church due to all the rain as of late.
The couple were not completely happy with this.
But they just went to the pond after the reception.
Fishing and fun for all!
Oh ya, and one necked baby girl! haha

So there is so much to talk about I hope I can fit it all in one entry!
First, the case of the missing underwear:
dun dun dun... lol
Yes the white panties belonging to the bride were missing.
She even called for anyone wanting to share? haha
Needless to say the bride wore pink undies.
You couldn't see through the dress so it was fine in the end.
Ok so you have heard of Tulsa time.
But have you heard of Mike time?
Mike never gets anywhere on time.
Trust me, I have waited several times. :)
So it should not have been a surprise that he held the ceremony up until half an hour late.
Groom Time.
Meanwhile the bride sweat-ted in the back room.
and tried to keep out of site of the groom.
Why is it the groom always gets to roam as he pleases while the bridal party stay hid in a hot room? hum..some questions remain unanswered.

The ceremony was perfect.
The couple laughed the whole way through.
The key to a good marriage after all is laughter.
The grooms ring was a bit snug.
But what is a wedding after all if something isn’t perfect?
Heck my shoe fell off going up the isle.
But that’s normal for me and big events! :)

The bride was beautiful.
In-fact if it was not for the guests who dressed for a redneck wedding,
and the bobber favors you would never know it was supposed to be so.
I unfortunately did not get down to the pond.
I live 4 hours from the bride and had to head back early.
I had only had 3 hours of sleep the night before
and a long trip back home.

Congratulations to Mari and Mike!

Since I write abot her alot she must have a fan base by now!
so I asked her what she would like to say to her fans. haha!

And now a message from the bride:
Thanks for being there for me and without my fans I would not have made it this far.


  1. The reason why the groom is out and about greeting while the bride is hidden is for two reason, 1> Most times not in this case i guess but the groom is ready while the bride is hardly never fully ready and so that she has time to get ready. 2> the bride can't be seen by the groom for it is bad luck or would mean a bad marriage.

  2. To the anonymous person.. thats 2 good reasons but I am not one to believe in the groom can't see the bride befor the wedding, lol I drove him to the church so he wouldn't run..lol but it turned out nice.