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Monday, May 2, 2011


Is anyone sick of all this rain yet?

The town I just moved from was flooded last week.
And a nearby town to me now is almost completely under water.

The news has been showing houses that only the rooftops can be seen.

I am not however ready for scorching heat.

I have been in the mood to redecorate my house.
The rain keeps coming and with it,
drops of water, into my living room, on my Tv.
So a re-arrangement is going to have to happen at least.

I have found though that if you re-arrange or re-do the living room, the house seems new.
I can stay longer that way.
when I was a young girl I did not like to move.
Change was not welcome in my life.
And I do still have a hard time with it occasionally.

I can tell I have grown becuase I am changing.
My taste buds have grown, which was my first sign.
I can eat things now that I would not have even tried before.

Due to all that moving around though, when I was first married
I wanted to move every 6 months to a year.
So when I learned that just moving a few things to new spots remedied this
it helped to settle me.

Change is something we all face.
Some can embrace it,
others refuse to even think of the possibility.

I challenge you all to try something new.
Move change into your homes.
Throw Change a party!

Do one thing different this month
Step outside your comfort zone.
and see how it makes you feel when you have conquered it.

I'm going to start by letting go.
Something I have a hard time doing.
If I am to redecorate I must let go of a bunch of this stuff cluttering my home.
Its Yard sale time!


  1. Haha when I get those urges I usually end up painting. I think my next project though will be to clean out my cabinets and pantry. I hate not being able to find something that is burriend under a pile of mis-matched lids :) Let us know how the yard sale goes!

  2. Yes the cabinets are the first to get overly cluttered.
    I hope the rain clears up so I can have a yard sale. lol

  3. Change can be good if it saves your tv. I am getting married this month big change for me

  4. Yes I think my tv needs saving pretty bad. :) Congratulations. Thanks for the comment. Have you followed to be entered to win Across the Hall?

  5. Yes I am very sick of the rain! I know all about the flood in Stilwell, because I am from Stilwell. There was so much water at my house that you couldn't tell that I had a yard. I have been watiching the news about all these floods and my heart goes out to those towns and to those people who lost there homes.

    Change is a great thing! I am doing just that. So wish me luck.