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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Idol Tour

Ok so I am getting excited for the American Idol Tour.

I really wanted to go VIP style.
But that just isn't happening at 250 a ticket.

So I am sorry Paul,
But I will have to meet you another time. :(

It is still pretty expensive.
But I am hoping to go anyway.

I have not been this interested in AI sine the first season.
I really liked both Kelly and Justin.

To prove it I own from Justin to Kelly.
I have been laughed at for that.
But I like musicals.
I just can't help it!

And I will be disappointed if Hailey does not win this season.
All of the other good ones have left already.

My niece likes Scotty.
But While he is a good country singer,
He is not unique enough for me.
And I think he looks like a bobble head doll.

Well he does!

My husband and son are rooting for James Durbin.
Who is your favorite that is left?

Tickets Go on Sale May 13th!

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