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Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Krissy, Big Kristian

My oldest niece graduated from 8th grade today.
I can't believe she is that old already
time really flies, I remember when I was that age.
It was my favorite time.
She's growing up and will start high school in a few short months.

The graduation was nice.
No one fell out of their shoes the way I did at my 8th grade graduation.
Although one girl did walk up bare foot to receive her awards.

I just can't believe the little girl who would pose for pictures
and didn't want me to share her bedroom is now a teen
about to embark on one of the hardest things we all face.
High school.

She was very beautiful today.
So soon she will be driving, and going off to college.
I can remember mussing up her hair after a bath so it would be curly all over.
And the time she answered the phone telling on her mom and I
by saying we were going to the yicker store.
Or when she stole the heart of my boyfriend.

My niece reads my posts so I'm sure she embarrassed by now.
So I am sorry.
But You were my first niece and that is special.

So to her and others graduating various stages this month,
Enjoy this next step in your life.
Take it slow, and take it all in.
It only happens once.
Make good choices, and smart ones too!

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