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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Powers of music

Music has powerful effects on people.
I am discovering how so.
I have noticed I write a lot about music and singing.
One thing I have always known is that I like guys with musical talent.
When I was 16 I was absolutely certain I would marry Bryan White.
A true fact, that my husband actually told Bryan when I got the chance to meet him a couple years ago.
My infatuation with Paul McDonald from American Idol this season should tell you that as well.
I love his voice!
Today I was watching the Ellen Show and her performer was James Blunt.
He sings Stay the night.
He is not someone I would take a second look at.
I have never really been attracted to blond haired men.
I started to stand up, then I heard the tune. The song was catchy so I waited to listen.
The more I watched him, the better he began to look.
That thought made me laugh.
So I really looked. I decided without the voice and talent, he would not appeal to me at all.
And I began to think of all the ways this had happened to me in my past.
Even once at a show in Silver Dollar city.
The brother of 5 who was the most outgoing and talented drew me .
So to the men at there,  be outgoing and learn to sing.
You will attract many women! Haha
I will Live in the music and love every minute of it!
Because music speaks to the soul.
And I like to talk back.

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  1. You can click the videos at the top of the page to listen to the song from Ellen.