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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sing Out Sing Out as Paul would say

Oprah’s Favorite things....

What about Crystal’s Favorite things?

I don’t know about you

Who out there can sign and not just feel wonderful?
If I am down I can just belt out a tune (on key or off)
And I am in the best mood.

I so love music.

Growing up I only listened to country music.
Unless mom was playing Rod Stewart or some other form of easy listening.

And now Unless its Bryan White I just can not listen to it.
New music that is. Old Country is the best.

But I have found new bands I really enjoy.
Five For Fighting, Train, and The Grand Magnolias are my favorite 3 new bands.
But funny thing is I also enjoy the Goo Goo Dolls and John  Mayer.
I think that is funny. But Some of it is very insightful.
Have you ever just listened to something new and really heard the lyrics?
I get a lot of inspiration for my blogs at night when I am listening to my Pandora station.
It dialed into Train, but I get to hear a lot of these great bands.

So it should come as no surprise that another of my favorite things is Rock Band.
I sing of course.
Something I have to do when my son is at school.
Or else I have to share the singing role.
lol Yes sometimes we have to play with the toys while school is in session.
Hey. That is SO normal. :)

Another of my Favorite things is to read.
Transporting my self into another world.

So sing out loud while you enter to win Across the Hall.
Unless you are at work right now.
Then sing quietly to your self while you follow me to enter the contest.
Today is the last day to enter.


  1. Okay, I'm following you now enter me to win that e-book. I'm dying to read it. The post was a good one today. I do believe you take after you mother on I don't sing songs that I know because I can't remember the lyrics so I make up my own songs to sings and I always feel good when I'm singing.

  2. Yes I think you get that from you dad. He did the same thing. ;)