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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still here

Hello guys!

I am still here.
I am sorry I haven't published in a week.
Blogger was down for three days and I got sick.

Sinuses are no fun.
As I am still recovering.
Allergy season doesn't agree with me.
But I am pressing through.

I have also been very busy working on my house.
I am taking on a little girl for a few weeks this summer.
So I am trying to convert the office into a makeshift bed room.

I have been preparing for a yard sale as well.
Going through everything I have been building for some time now.
I have old bins from high school and they are filled with odd books and old folders.
As well as lots of crafty items.

I have a huge pile that is still growing!

My husband built a cage for the bunny.
We almost lost skipper one day.
Dotty very nearly had her public enemy #1!
But not to worry, Skipper is safe and sound now,
inside his 7ft long casa.

Just wanted to give you all and update.
Not to fear, I'm still here!

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