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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer has begun!

There were 2 pictures I forgot yesterday.
My bouquet an also one more.
The picture with my bouquet has my souvenir glass as well.
Mari gave this to me on my way out at the wedding.
It reminds me of my Prom glasses.
She had small bobber favors in the bottom.
Just like the plastic stars from my Jr Prom.

Last night I had dinner with the happy couple.
Mike informed me that he did not have any pictures of him on the post.
So here it is Mike.
We had lots of fun last night.
Its nice to go out with just adults sometimes.

So the summer has started here at my house.
We have My friends little girl for a month or so.
The other day the kids got a water-slide.
Very good investment.
And a great way to stay cooled off.

We have lots of fun things lined up to do.
Baseball games, the zoo, pool days, a trip to the water park
and much more!
Its very different to live in a town where we can do all these fun things.
I'm used to small town living.

I would also like to say to remember the people of Joplin.
The tornado's have taken 117 lives so far.
Last I heard they are still searching for missing loved ones.

Be kind to each other!

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