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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bye Kenzie!

So for the past 6 weeks I have had a very bossy little girl at my house.
But thats ok. She fits right in! :)

Her mom is coming to pick her up this weekend.
We will miss her.
Several times we have told her to just stay forever.
She informed us that she will miss her mom, and her town.

But we have had lots and lots of fun anyway.
We went to the zoo, bike rides, movies, even last week we
went to see Cars 2 in 3D.

That was very fun.
She got to try lots of new things.
She had never seen a 3D movie or gone to a pro ball game.
She didn't even know what an omlet was.

My son who is 2 years older than her taught her
Pop culture. And he told her that she had to remember all that he taught her.
Which included, who Ke$ha and Sir mix alot are.

I heard baby got back, more times than I care.

We swam and swam some more.
Both kids are very tan!

She is leaving with so much stuff her mother has to bring the truck,
opting to leave the car behind.

We will miss you very much Kenzie!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

11 years and counting....

Some of you may have been wondering where I have been.

Well I have started a new project.
I am writing a novel.
It's not really a novel yet.
I am only at 14,000 something words with 16 chapters.
I usually just call it my book.
Or my story. haha
It will be a novel if I ever get it finished and
be lucky enough to have it published.

I do enjoy writing.
I hit dry spells though.
And that is another reason why I have not been posting
as diligently as I was.
With Summer and 2 kids at home I just don't have the time.

But this being a blog about being a housewife
I figured today needed a post.
The wife part is why.

Today is our 11th Anniversary!

We did not actually get married until
last year. It was on the Anniversary of the day we met.
Jace and I have pretty much been together ever since that first day.
So we have always celebrated the day as our rightful anniversary.

We have one son who will be 10 this year.
His birth is one of our favorite stories to tell.
As well as how we met.

We have gone through a number of places to live.
Including a couple of states.
We have had so many vehicles I think we lost count after 10.
At the moment we have 2 dachshund's and one or more on the way!
Poor Skipper the bunny past away last week.
Dotty finally dug him out of his cage.
Sadly we were too late.

One thing, I will be glad to have a bite of that cake,
and have it gone from the freezer.
A year is a long time to have something taking up so much
space in the freezer. haha

We share our anniversary with our very good friends
Vern and Jessi Falk.
I am thinking of them as well today.
They are celebrating their 26th anniversary this year.
I hope we will still be as happy as the 2 of them
on our 26th.

I also want to welcome my new follower Kaycee.
Thank you so much.
I hope you enjoy the site.

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spoiled Summer

So I am writing this at 1 in the morning.
Today we took the kids to a Springfield Cardinal's game.
just got home a bit ago.
My brother Charlie went with us as well.
It was his and Mackenzie's first Pro ball game.
We had a blast.

We seen all the changes of light.
As the sun went down.
I got pictures while the sun was still out and into the night.
I am just loving the new camera my Hubby got me.
He found me a steal at a yard sale.
For $10 I got a very nice camera.

At one point in the game he took the camera and the kids
and after he left I realized
I felt naked without my camera.

We ate snow cones
and sported green teeth.
We had a pizza.
I just love how you can call and it will
be delivered to your seat!

The kids took their pictures with both mascots.
Fetch and Louie
They even got them to autograph things for them.
They left with Their arms loaded with souvenir's!
The kids each won a hat.
among many other items.

The game went into over time
due to a tie in the 9th.
In the end we won.

It was a good game to go to
because we played the Tulsa Drillers.
Which is our old state against our new state.

Even better was the drunk guy behind us that
kept yelling, "Are you serious?" and such.
Oh ya that was sarcasm right there.

The game ended with screams all around
as we won,
And immediately after before the screams were finished
colors shot up to the sky!
As the fireworks signaled
an end to yet another Friday night Home game.

We then ran through the Drive through at
Brahms, grabbed a cone for all.
And headed home.

Where I did what I always do.
Uploaded a slew of pictures to

So my kids are spoiled.
I do include Kenzie in there as my kid.
I have tried to steal her from her mom
several times since she was a baby.
But no go.

So they might be spoiled.
But I hope it will be a summer they will
Always remember.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pretty little liars

So I actually just caught up on one of my new
Favorite shows.
Pretty Little Liars

The new season starts in 5 days!
Anyone excited?

I really like ABC family shows.
ABC family has become the new ABC
They actually have good shows that run for more than just one season.
A few times I have gotten really into a show that ABC had and they canceled it after only a few
episodes. Some even after one.

Right now the best ABC fam ones are:
Secret Life of the American Teenager
Melissa and Joey (starring Joey lawerence who tweets me back!) woo who!
Switched at Birth (new just has one epi out)
and Pretty Little Liars.
I miss Greek so much! it ran for 5 seasons and has now ended.

PLL is based on a series of books by
Sara Shepard.
I have not read them.
If they are as good as the series I am interested.
I think my kindle app on my ipod may cost me a PRETTY penny.

I love ebooks.
I really like the free ones.
But new popular ones are not free unfortunately.
Has anyone read the PLL series?
Is it any good?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Oh I'm crushed.
I'm fan crushed.
And no not in a good way.
Not I have a fan crush.

My fan CRUSH is getting married!
And the bad part is too someone related to another fan crush of mine.
Nikki Reed.
If you do not know her
crawl out from under that rock you've been under the last few years!
She is Rosalie from the Twilight Franchise.

At one point it was rumored she was after my other fan crush
Robert Pattinson.

Nikki whats the deal?
I don't like her, but apparently
we share the same taste in men.

So I was surfing the web on info
of the MTV movie awards from Sunday night.
I learned when Rob and Kristen won best kiss
from Eclipse Rob ran from the stage and kissed
Taylor L instead!!!
Then what do I find?
A video saying Nikki Reed is engaged.
I know she has been dating MY Paul.
So of course, now I'm fan crushed.

This has happened to me once before.
When Bryan White married Erica Paige.

Have any of you ever had a similar experience?
Ever want to hurl anything at the TV screen?
Someone QUICK give me something to throw!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quiet Time

So now that school is out I find my free time slipping away.
I have my friend's little girl with me for the bigger part of the summer.
Zach just got out of school.
This week is his first week out.

The Hubby works a late shift so he sleeps
And I try to keep the kids and the dogs quiet.

My blogging has suffered as of late.
So while the Hubs is out
Dogs in the backyard
Kids in the neighbor's pool,

I sit here listening to Paul McDonald
and enjoying my time.
The only thing that could make this better
would be a nice hot cup of coffee
made by my lovely Keurig.

But we are out of milk this morning.
So I will just enjoy my coffee later
while tuning out the screaming kids
and biting dogs.

Some of you may be wondering why the kids are in the pool next door.
If you read my Facebook posts you know we got a pool
for the kids to cool off in.

Well this morning it is flat
and completely empty.
So my little traitors took off to the neighbor's house. lol

The last time the pool went down was from a cat.
This time there is no water left.
I'm guessing we have a hole.
But man, I love sitting in the pool in the evenings.
Cooling off
and playing with the kids.
But I am afraid to see my water bill.
Can we call the utility department and ask for free months on the July bill?

Stay cool
and have a fun summer!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

An 80's unreality

Sometimes do you wish you could have an 80's movie life?
You know, lots of teen angst
A theme song
And a musical montage for no apparent reason.

Be the un-noticed and somewhere along the way get everything you ever dreamed.

No I dont really wish this.
But its a nice thought.

I love 80's movies.
The hair is just great!
But I don't miss the heavy dark blue eye shadow. Haha

I was watching Teen Witch the other night.
That is another nice thought.
To be able to clean the house
By sitting on my butt.
Isnt that the ultimate wish of the housewife?
To have a clean house and not have to actually do anything.
Oh ya, that would be perfection!

TV and movies are not reality.
We don’t put a spell on the guy of our dreams.
Unless we are lucky.

We don’t get everything we ever wanted.
Because usually its not what we need anyway.

We don’t burst into song at any moment.
We would definitely tell mom if the babysitter was dead.

We take each day one at a time.
And try to reach the goals that we have set for our lives.
Talking to people to solve conflicts, without song.

And in truth reality is way better.
Learning the hard way works
and gives us the foundation for future things that will surely arrise.

So while I love 80's movies
I also love the opportunity to actually live life.
To learn and grow
To work for things that do not come easy.

I can leave the musical montages inside my head!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Work Perfectly

So i have talked before about how electronics are taking over.
But what about when they will not listen to you?
When you are screaming at the computer for itunes to just do what you want it too already!

I have been fighting with electronic devices alot lately.
When i worked at the church Pastor Hayes, who I simply call Barry, would sometime ask if he should throw his hat in before entering my office.

Hey, Im not that bad.
Mostly. Haha

So i guess you could say its a normal occurrence for me to be angry with my electronic devices.

Itunes though is the worst!
Its a big pain in the booty.
Someone should tell apple we are not happy with the limtiations put upon us.

If i was not addicted to my ipod I would chunk it!
And that there proves my theroy
That computers are taking over.

Some of you are laughing at me
Thinking that Im not smart enough to work a computer.
I feel like itunes takes a scientists to work at times!

But im just stubborn enough to keep trying till I get it perfect.
I picked that up from a certain lawyer I once worked for.
If its not perfect Im not happy!

So don't give up.
Keep going untill you get the results you want.
Or perfection
Which ever comes first!