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Thursday, June 23, 2011

11 years and counting....

Some of you may have been wondering where I have been.

Well I have started a new project.
I am writing a novel.
It's not really a novel yet.
I am only at 14,000 something words with 16 chapters.
I usually just call it my book.
Or my story. haha
It will be a novel if I ever get it finished and
be lucky enough to have it published.

I do enjoy writing.
I hit dry spells though.
And that is another reason why I have not been posting
as diligently as I was.
With Summer and 2 kids at home I just don't have the time.

But this being a blog about being a housewife
I figured today needed a post.
The wife part is why.

Today is our 11th Anniversary!

We did not actually get married until
last year. It was on the Anniversary of the day we met.
Jace and I have pretty much been together ever since that first day.
So we have always celebrated the day as our rightful anniversary.

We have one son who will be 10 this year.
His birth is one of our favorite stories to tell.
As well as how we met.

We have gone through a number of places to live.
Including a couple of states.
We have had so many vehicles I think we lost count after 10.
At the moment we have 2 dachshund's and one or more on the way!
Poor Skipper the bunny past away last week.
Dotty finally dug him out of his cage.
Sadly we were too late.

One thing, I will be glad to have a bite of that cake,
and have it gone from the freezer.
A year is a long time to have something taking up so much
space in the freezer. haha

We share our anniversary with our very good friends
Vern and Jessi Falk.
I am thinking of them as well today.
They are celebrating their 26th anniversary this year.
I hope we will still be as happy as the 2 of them
on our 26th.

I also want to welcome my new follower Kaycee.
Thank you so much.
I hope you enjoy the site.

Have a great day everyone!

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