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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spoiled Summer

So I am writing this at 1 in the morning.
Today we took the kids to a Springfield Cardinal's game.
just got home a bit ago.
My brother Charlie went with us as well.
It was his and Mackenzie's first Pro ball game.
We had a blast.

We seen all the changes of light.
As the sun went down.
I got pictures while the sun was still out and into the night.
I am just loving the new camera my Hubby got me.
He found me a steal at a yard sale.
For $10 I got a very nice camera.

At one point in the game he took the camera and the kids
and after he left I realized
I felt naked without my camera.

We ate snow cones
and sported green teeth.
We had a pizza.
I just love how you can call and it will
be delivered to your seat!

The kids took their pictures with both mascots.
Fetch and Louie
They even got them to autograph things for them.
They left with Their arms loaded with souvenir's!
The kids each won a hat.
among many other items.

The game went into over time
due to a tie in the 9th.
In the end we won.

It was a good game to go to
because we played the Tulsa Drillers.
Which is our old state against our new state.

Even better was the drunk guy behind us that
kept yelling, "Are you serious?" and such.
Oh ya that was sarcasm right there.

The game ended with screams all around
as we won,
And immediately after before the screams were finished
colors shot up to the sky!
As the fireworks signaled
an end to yet another Friday night Home game.

We then ran through the Drive through at
Brahms, grabbed a cone for all.
And headed home.

Where I did what I always do.
Uploaded a slew of pictures to

So my kids are spoiled.
I do include Kenzie in there as my kid.
I have tried to steal her from her mom
several times since she was a baby.
But no go.

So they might be spoiled.
But I hope it will be a summer they will
Always remember.

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