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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Today I am researching the 2011 Fall Schedule.
Deciding what I will watch this year.
With so many channels I sometimes must choose.
So I am scouting it out this year.

I have it all lined up.
This year looks to be good.
Except Friday, with the fall of TGIF
Fridays have never been the same.
I will not be watching TV on that night.

But I have found the show  that I am most excited for.
Once Upon a Time.
It will air on ABC on Sunday nights.
7PM Central time.
Premiering on October 23rd.

The video sneak peek I watched
begins with a sign saying
Welcome to Storybrooke.
I was intrigued.

It looks to be  Harry Potterish.
It reminded me of Harry Potter anyway.
With horse drawn carriages, and an evil queen.

A young boy seems to be the only one in the know.
He has looked up his birth mother,
Who's name caught my attention as,
Emma Swan.
Remind you of another Swan?

The boy explains that time has stopped in Storybrooke.
His teacher has given him a story book with all the familiar tales.
He says they are all true,
and that the Evil Queen has sent them here,
But that each of them does not know they are
fairy tale characters.

Well I think it hold promise.
Promise that maybe ABC can hold me for one more year.
IF they keep it interesting and Keep it on the Air.

ABC Network
October 23rd.
See You There!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I just re-posted this comment on my Facebook page and it really got me to thinking.

Cousins are often the first friends of your life. Cousins share your childhood memories. No one will ever understand your crazy family like your cousins even if you're not in regular contact. Re-post this if you have some of the best cousins in the world, even if you don't see each other often
This is one of my fav pics from when I was young. Don't know why.
Me and Amanda

When we think of family usually its Spouses, Parents, Kids and Grandparents.
But Cousins are such an important part of growing up.
For those who did not have first cousins, or just had the rare contact with them,
You are so missing out.
Cheerleading Trip Me, Stephanie
and Rachel. I was in the 6th grade.

A first cousin is very special.
I have so many to be honest, I think I have now lost count.
My Father's family is HUGE!

But I was very close to several of my cousins growing up.
I have gotten to know some of them more now that we are grown.
My oldest cuz Laura was not around as I grew up and would have been too
old to want to play with us any way.
But we are close now,

I have so many memories.
Camping with my Dad's side of the family when we were all young,
Scary tales of a buried school bus in the Grandparents yard.
A certain day when while playing at the cemetery we discovered
one cuz name on a headstone and we all freaked you could say.
Laura and I last year

On My Mothers side I only had 3 cousins when we were very young,
That number has grown now, but the 5 of us(my brother included) were so very close.
We fought, we played, we gambled, we danced on top of coffee tables, and made mud pies.
We shared a club house, all slept in I whipped Walls tees, and spent many, many nights together at the Grandparents.

5 of us
Brian, Ashlie, Shellie,
Charlie, and Me

Sometimes you are just as close, or closer to your cousins than your own siblings.
My son is an only child and some days I am sad for him. 

I recently moved so he could be close to his first cousins.
I hope that he will have that special bond with his cousins that I had with mine.
Although that would be hard to top I must say.

My son and his 1st cousins

Friday, July 29, 2011

Reality Bites. Sitcom Dead.

So last night I was scouting YouTube for Joey Lawrence videos and I find old TV show theme songs.
You know..You take the good u take the bad. You take the rest and there you have,
The Facts of Life.

I miss great television.
Sure I love Big brother, I watch the Bachelor,
I yell at the TV when the Bach ALWAYS chooses wrong.
I get fired up about HOH competitions and spend the duration
online watching them play out.

But its not the same.
It doesn't bring the Family Ties.
I have wrote on this very topic and sent it to
ABC network more than once.
What ever happened to TGIF?

We miss quality T.V.
Where Family Matters and
There's always a Full House, with luck Charles in Charge.
During the Wonder Years when we all have Growing Pains,
At least we can see we are not alone.
We can laugh at the situation and get pleasure from it.

Sometimes we all need to be Saved By the Bell.
And nothing is stronger than Family Ties.
And even if we are all nuts at least its All In the Family.

I also realized last night that my drive to be different,
to find the funky things more than likely stems from
Punky Brewster and Blossom.
I like them and Eccentric to the bone.

When your a young girl you need
the way Clarissa Explains it all.
And come on who wouldn't like
to be a Teenage Witch for a day?

I miss going to far away lands like Giligans Island
and when Dr. Quinn had all the answers.
Where Three's Company, not a crowd.

What guy did not wish that their Mama's Family
had a Nanny as hot as Fran Drecsher?

Children do not know what good T.V. is.
They watch crap like Family Guy and South Park.
What happened to the Little House on the Prairie?
Or even the Brady Bunch, Step-by-Step,
and The Cosby Show?

Dear ABC I feel like we have become Perfect Stranger's.
Please show us Who's the Boss again.
Show me that smile again,
Even though we've been together for a million years,
if this don't change, It wont be for a million more.
Bring back the sitcom, More family togetherness,
Less Reality. We need shows we can share with our kids,
the way we got to share with our parents.

The video that inspired this blog...

More that Maybe you miss:
Silver Spoons
My Two Dads
Beverly Hills 90210
Golden Girls
Head of the Class
Different Strokes

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Arrivals

I just got a new desk,
Which means my own space for writing.

I hope that also means I will do more writing.
So I thought I would give it a test run this morning.

So whats new at our house is new puppies!
Dotty the Daschund had 3 babies Saturday evening.
They are the cutest things!

All males, and mostly black, one does have some white on him.
My Husband named it Tipsy because it has a white tipped tail.
Tipsy is his favorite.
I think mine is the little runt that was born first,

He was breach, I laugh now when I think about it.
I was on the phone with my mom squealing and looking away,
She kept saying Tell him to pull.
I would look over at Jason and say pull.
He had his hands on each little tiny leg,
He would pull a little then make a noise like me.
He was afraid of breaking the little thing.

After the first one it was all good from there on.
Poor Dotty thought she was dying.
Her eyes were full of fear.
But after that first guy was here it was as if she said,
Oh! Ok, I got this.
I never heard another whimper or grunt out of her after that.

So we had an eventful weekend.
Could not even get the little momma to go to the bathroom.
She finally woke me yesterday to take her out.
Then this morning she woke me several times.

So I am glad she is learning to take care of herself as well.
I still have to give her water every few hours.
Even with a water bowl just out side the cage she doesn't leave them.

We can not wait till they are walking around and she might let us play with them!

So now I am greatly out numbered.
Me and Dotty against
Zach, Jace, and 4 male dogs.

Whew! That's too many males for one house!

Have A great day!
And prayers for my cousin Rach who is in the hospital
waiting for her own little miracle Katie Beth
to be big enough to be born healthy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blogs of Mention/Peolpe of Mention

This entry of Blogs of mention is on a good friend of mine.
Julie Kimble.
We are very happy that my cousin Robby had the good sense
to marry her!

I think she is incredible!
Right now she is in training to run in the
Dallas Texas White Rock Half Marathon.

Her team is raising  funds to help find cures
and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma,
Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma.

You can read the full story here and help out while you are there!

I hope more people will be inspired to be more
like her.
I wish that there were more in the world who were.
It would be a better place to live in if that were true.

She is a busy Mom of 2 beautiful kiddos
and doesn't have a lot of time to blog, like most moms.

But I think it is very much a blog worth Mention.

You can find her blog here.
It is also listed on the side of the site.
So you can easily access it from any page here.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Monday, July 18, 2011


So I am the first one up this morning.
Which is a rare thing.
So I thought I would steal a few minuets to blog.

I'm starring at my computer screen
waiting for it to load.

I look at my phone
waiting for a text back from my friend.

And I think, man, if not for technology
I would just be sitting here doing nothing
but drinking my coffee.
And it would not have been made by my
beloved Keurig.

No It would have been brewed by an old 10 minuet-er.
Slow and steady.

So technically I am young enough these things
probably should not even occur to me.
My generation just get things faster and easier,

Yes I am aware of this.
But I am also old enough to remember things,
like cassette tapes, Cd's, boom boxes, Walkmans..

Even DVDs only came out 10 years ago.
And when my family had its first laptop,
it was over $1000 to get one!
Now its as easy to get one as water.

I know because my house was broken into last
Thanksgiving, and someone got 2!

So where would we be without Technology?
Well I would not have to worry about my husband buying
Speaker boxes, amps, and speakers...He calls them something else..
But I cant remember..haha

So do any of you have spouses who love their radio to BOOM?
I told him I feel like a bunch of tiny people are repeatedly shoving me.
Its highly annoying.

But for some reason its like prestige for men to have loud booming car radios.
Its like MANstige.
Well if you ask me I thinking its completely MANdiculous!

We compromised..I guess we did any way.
He had to go buy a smaller less nicer box so it would fit in the car.
My wheelchair was no longer taking a back seat,
It was booted from the trunk to fit the speaker box!

Yeah, so now he has a little box,
Which I'm told means less sound.
Yeah for me!
It is still going to be in the car,
Not so Yeah for me.

The two "Men" in my life,
ie, Hubbs and Technology,
aren't too bad, so I guess that means I have it made!

I can adopt LG's motto.


Friday, July 15, 2011

WFE at last!

If you blog it
they will come...

So I wrote about not yet seeing WFE yesterday, and today
I finally went to see it.

My niece and I went and had some quality time,
It was fun getting to hang with her.
She is starting High School this year,
so I will surely be seeing less of her soon.

We might have had more fun seeing something else,
seeing as we are both apparently too much of animal lovers.
I don't want to spoil anything if you have yet to see it.
But we were sad a few times.

Do Not Hurt Rosie you big Meany! haha

We were not expecting as much violence either.
Warning do not take young children to see it.

I am Rob P lover as you all well know,
So all of that was made up for by his face alone.

And I suppose since she sat through it with me
I will have to go see her man, Tay Tay in Abduction with her. :)

Abduction does look like it will be very good.

So for the lucky of you, who seen Harry Potter tonight
(I'm writing at 1:13 Am while you are there)

No, I'm only kidding, I have read the books.
I know what happens lol.

Happy Movie watching!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Movies

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Movies.

With the introduction of 3D did not hurt that either.
I am getting excited for the final installment of Harry Potter.
It will be in theaters on Friday.

I was not a Harry Potter fan from the very beginning.
But I just had not seen the movies or even heard of the books.
Once I watched the first one though I was a fan.

Some people think bad of it without knowing what is is really about.
I say to them, Broaden your Horizon's!

I say that a lot actually..lol

I have still not seen Water for Elephants.
I promised my niece I would take her so I have been waiting
for her and My sister to be able to go.

It is still in theaters here at the cheap theater,
I am sure some of you are thinking right now
How can she go? Its out of theaters already..

We have been planning to see the new Transformers
for a few weeks now, we want to see it in 3D.
I just love Josh Duhamel, ever since he was just Leo
on All My Children.

Movies transform your perspective on things.
They take you to new lands.
You can fall in love for the first time, or for the last time.
Meet new people
Make new friends.

Once you take a shine to a new Actor/Actress
They can feel like a good friend.
Sometimes they are the only friend that can make you feel better.

You know that you have curled up in a ball and spent the evening
with Robert Pattinson, Hugh Grant, or John Trovolta. (insert your fave here)
Well I have, the above being my 3 fave guilty pleasures. ;)

While I see these few summer Movies
I will still be awaiting the most awaited movie of the year/
Breaking Dawn part 1.
Out in only 127 days 9 hours and 20 minuets.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well I finished the first draft of my novel last night.
Or you could say early this morning at 3:30 AM.

A close friend of mine has read it for me during the process.
Her encouragement must be accredited for my finishing it.

Any time I got lazy she was there asking for more chapters.
Which made me feel like I was actually doing a good job.
I hope she was really as hooked as she told me.
She is such a good friend that it is possible that she was being supportive.

Either way it worked!

She told me she laughed she cried and begged for more.
Let's hope its that good.

I have wrote other things.
Some I started but never finished.
This one was just different from the start.

I had the idea from the simplest thing,
and it took off from there.
I knew just how I wanted it to go.

That has not ever worked the same way before.
I am proud of myself for staying in the same tense!

I have a bad habit of switching back and forth a lot.
I blame it on my Oklahoma raising. lol
We just talk in our own way down there. :)

But I wanted to say sorry for neglecting my bloggers
and thank you for hanging in there with me.

My second child I took on for 6 weeks is back home,
the major part of my novel is finished, and maybe I will have
more time from mow on to blog properly.

I will keep you updated and maybe even give you a preview.

I just have to say this,