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Saturday, July 30, 2011


I just re-posted this comment on my Facebook page and it really got me to thinking.

Cousins are often the first friends of your life. Cousins share your childhood memories. No one will ever understand your crazy family like your cousins even if you're not in regular contact. Re-post this if you have some of the best cousins in the world, even if you don't see each other often
This is one of my fav pics from when I was young. Don't know why.
Me and Amanda

When we think of family usually its Spouses, Parents, Kids and Grandparents.
But Cousins are such an important part of growing up.
For those who did not have first cousins, or just had the rare contact with them,
You are so missing out.
Cheerleading Trip Me, Stephanie
and Rachel. I was in the 6th grade.

A first cousin is very special.
I have so many to be honest, I think I have now lost count.
My Father's family is HUGE!

But I was very close to several of my cousins growing up.
I have gotten to know some of them more now that we are grown.
My oldest cuz Laura was not around as I grew up and would have been too
old to want to play with us any way.
But we are close now,

I have so many memories.
Camping with my Dad's side of the family when we were all young,
Scary tales of a buried school bus in the Grandparents yard.
A certain day when while playing at the cemetery we discovered
one cuz name on a headstone and we all freaked you could say.
Laura and I last year

On My Mothers side I only had 3 cousins when we were very young,
That number has grown now, but the 5 of us(my brother included) were so very close.
We fought, we played, we gambled, we danced on top of coffee tables, and made mud pies.
We shared a club house, all slept in I whipped Walls tees, and spent many, many nights together at the Grandparents.

5 of us
Brian, Ashlie, Shellie,
Charlie, and Me

Sometimes you are just as close, or closer to your cousins than your own siblings.
My son is an only child and some days I am sad for him. 

I recently moved so he could be close to his first cousins.
I hope that he will have that special bond with his cousins that I had with mine.
Although that would be hard to top I must say.

My son and his 1st cousins


  1. Crystal great post. but the girl with u in that first picture looks like DANA to me. i/m not saying it is Dana,but didn't realiz she and Amanda looked so much alike way back then.. WAY BACK)that phrase wayback then makes you sound old and me ANCHIENT.lol

  2. Well Im not too old so you can't be anchient. lol That is one of my cousins on my dad's side. She and I are 11 months apart I think. Im Older! lol