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Monday, July 18, 2011


So I am the first one up this morning.
Which is a rare thing.
So I thought I would steal a few minuets to blog.

I'm starring at my computer screen
waiting for it to load.

I look at my phone
waiting for a text back from my friend.

And I think, man, if not for technology
I would just be sitting here doing nothing
but drinking my coffee.
And it would not have been made by my
beloved Keurig.

No It would have been brewed by an old 10 minuet-er.
Slow and steady.

So technically I am young enough these things
probably should not even occur to me.
My generation just get things faster and easier,

Yes I am aware of this.
But I am also old enough to remember things,
like cassette tapes, Cd's, boom boxes, Walkmans..

Even DVDs only came out 10 years ago.
And when my family had its first laptop,
it was over $1000 to get one!
Now its as easy to get one as water.

I know because my house was broken into last
Thanksgiving, and someone got 2!

So where would we be without Technology?
Well I would not have to worry about my husband buying
Speaker boxes, amps, and speakers...He calls them something else..
But I cant remember..haha

So do any of you have spouses who love their radio to BOOM?
I told him I feel like a bunch of tiny people are repeatedly shoving me.
Its highly annoying.

But for some reason its like prestige for men to have loud booming car radios.
Its like MANstige.
Well if you ask me I thinking its completely MANdiculous!

We compromised..I guess we did any way.
He had to go buy a smaller less nicer box so it would fit in the car.
My wheelchair was no longer taking a back seat,
It was booted from the trunk to fit the speaker box!

Yeah, so now he has a little box,
Which I'm told means less sound.
Yeah for me!
It is still going to be in the car,
Not so Yeah for me.

The two "Men" in my life,
ie, Hubbs and Technology,
aren't too bad, so I guess that means I have it made!

I can adopt LG's motto.


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  1. He should become a DJ but where do old guys DJ at.

    Love this blog