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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Today I am researching the 2011 Fall Schedule.
Deciding what I will watch this year.
With so many channels I sometimes must choose.
So I am scouting it out this year.

I have it all lined up.
This year looks to be good.
Except Friday, with the fall of TGIF
Fridays have never been the same.
I will not be watching TV on that night.

But I have found the show  that I am most excited for.
Once Upon a Time.
It will air on ABC on Sunday nights.
7PM Central time.
Premiering on October 23rd.

The video sneak peek I watched
begins with a sign saying
Welcome to Storybrooke.
I was intrigued.

It looks to be  Harry Potterish.
It reminded me of Harry Potter anyway.
With horse drawn carriages, and an evil queen.

A young boy seems to be the only one in the know.
He has looked up his birth mother,
Who's name caught my attention as,
Emma Swan.
Remind you of another Swan?

The boy explains that time has stopped in Storybrooke.
His teacher has given him a story book with all the familiar tales.
He says they are all true,
and that the Evil Queen has sent them here,
But that each of them does not know they are
fairy tale characters.

Well I think it hold promise.
Promise that maybe ABC can hold me for one more year.
IF they keep it interesting and Keep it on the Air.

ABC Network
October 23rd.
See You There!

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