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Friday, July 29, 2011

Reality Bites. Sitcom Dead.

So last night I was scouting YouTube for Joey Lawrence videos and I find old TV show theme songs.
You know..You take the good u take the bad. You take the rest and there you have,
The Facts of Life.

I miss great television.
Sure I love Big brother, I watch the Bachelor,
I yell at the TV when the Bach ALWAYS chooses wrong.
I get fired up about HOH competitions and spend the duration
online watching them play out.

But its not the same.
It doesn't bring the Family Ties.
I have wrote on this very topic and sent it to
ABC network more than once.
What ever happened to TGIF?

We miss quality T.V.
Where Family Matters and
There's always a Full House, with luck Charles in Charge.
During the Wonder Years when we all have Growing Pains,
At least we can see we are not alone.
We can laugh at the situation and get pleasure from it.

Sometimes we all need to be Saved By the Bell.
And nothing is stronger than Family Ties.
And even if we are all nuts at least its All In the Family.

I also realized last night that my drive to be different,
to find the funky things more than likely stems from
Punky Brewster and Blossom.
I like them and Eccentric to the bone.

When your a young girl you need
the way Clarissa Explains it all.
And come on who wouldn't like
to be a Teenage Witch for a day?

I miss going to far away lands like Giligans Island
and when Dr. Quinn had all the answers.
Where Three's Company, not a crowd.

What guy did not wish that their Mama's Family
had a Nanny as hot as Fran Drecsher?

Children do not know what good T.V. is.
They watch crap like Family Guy and South Park.
What happened to the Little House on the Prairie?
Or even the Brady Bunch, Step-by-Step,
and The Cosby Show?

Dear ABC I feel like we have become Perfect Stranger's.
Please show us Who's the Boss again.
Show me that smile again,
Even though we've been together for a million years,
if this don't change, It wont be for a million more.
Bring back the sitcom, More family togetherness,
Less Reality. We need shows we can share with our kids,
the way we got to share with our parents.

The video that inspired this blog...

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  1. My three sons
    Leave it to Beaver
    Happy Days
    Lavorne and Shirley
    Andy Griffith