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Friday, July 15, 2011

WFE at last!

If you blog it
they will come...

So I wrote about not yet seeing WFE yesterday, and today
I finally went to see it.

My niece and I went and had some quality time,
It was fun getting to hang with her.
She is starting High School this year,
so I will surely be seeing less of her soon.

We might have had more fun seeing something else,
seeing as we are both apparently too much of animal lovers.
I don't want to spoil anything if you have yet to see it.
But we were sad a few times.

Do Not Hurt Rosie you big Meany! haha

We were not expecting as much violence either.
Warning do not take young children to see it.

I am Rob P lover as you all well know,
So all of that was made up for by his face alone.

And I suppose since she sat through it with me
I will have to go see her man, Tay Tay in Abduction with her. :)

Abduction does look like it will be very good.

So for the lucky of you, who seen Harry Potter tonight
(I'm writing at 1:13 Am while you are there)

No, I'm only kidding, I have read the books.
I know what happens lol.

Happy Movie watching!


  1. Hey Crystal, I went to see WFE when it first came out. I loved it! But I am a big fan of Rob P. I am now reading the book. Melissa Kimble.

  2. Hey Melissa, I read the book months ago and was so ready to see the movie.
    Rob has been too far and few between lately. haha
    Let me know how you liked the book when you finish!