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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Article Know How

My sophomore year in high school I was on the Yearbook and Newspaper staff.

I joined because I wanted to work on the Yearbook.
Which is where I got my first training in Page design.
But when it came to the Newspaper I was not as thrilled.

We were not given assignments like I had thought.
We were just told to find a topic and write about it.
I did not do well with this.
And I believe it resulted in my only getting 2 or 3 articles
total that made it into the paper.

Now that I think about that I am surprised.
First that now I can come up with so many topics for this blog.
And secondly, if it is so easy now,
Why was it so hard then?

I am not sure I have the answers.
I was unsure of my self at that age.
I had not come in to my own.
My father had just died and I had only been at that school for one year.

I knew I was a leader,
Yet with few friends I did not know how to lead there.
That could be why.
It make the most sense.

I am glad that now I can come up with my own ideas.
I don't have to wait for someone to tell me what to blog about.

But I am going to tell you to read it!
Read me often.
And Recommend me to your friends!

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