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Thursday, August 18, 2011


B is a hard one.
I could not think of which topic to write about.
Its Back to school time.

So how about all of them for a change.

Back to School.
Kids everywhere are buying supplies,
Meeting new teachers,
Making new friends.
Parents are getting that quiet time they  have been wanting.
Smart minds are being molded.
College students are one step closer to being turned loose
on the great big world.
Some have chose to go back to school and learn new things.
Good luck on the new year to all the students out there!

News Flash! A cure for Boardism has been found!
Get a Hobby. :)

Old Quebec City
city of snow

 When I think of Beauty I am reminded of a trip I took
When I was a JR in high school to Canada.
Our last day there the snow was so thickly falling
We could hardly see in front of our faces.
From the Tour Guide Chuck, I hear this,
Wow, It's such a beautiful Day!
I began to think about that.
Because here we were, Americans complaining of the cold.
I know I could barely walk.
In fact I was carried back to the bus by
Scotty Enlow, a fellow student.
But Chuck seen beauty.
It was beautiful. The snow touched everything you looked at.
It was white, and clean, and new.
Ever since then on rainy days or snow covered times,
I look for the beauty that only open eyes can find.

The Grand Magnolias
Paul is in the middle wearing his awesome suit!
I love the Band The Grand Magnolias!
It is Paul McDonald's band.
They used to play under the name High Tide Blues.
Check 'em out!

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