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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gone with the Wind

I spent my sunday watching one of my favorite classics.
Gone With The Wind.

I have not watched it since I was a teenager.
While I was watching it I started questioning
Why this was a favorite of mine?

Scarlette is such a master manipulator.
She fake crys on cue, steals her sisters man,
No wait, both her sisters Men,
Marry's 3 men she doesnt love,
Lusts after her only friend's husband..
the list goes on.

So how did she get to be one of the greatest
movie heroines of all time?

Just because she is a strong willed motivated woman?

What about everything else?
She loved the wrong man for years.
All the while she had a Handsome
Extreamly wealtthy man who loved her.

And in the end she was all alone.

How is this a love story?

Ok, so she did what she had to do.
She brought a baby into the world all by herself,
She nursed many a wonded soldier,
She took care of her entire family after the war.
She killed a man to save herself and her family.
She did get the money to save Tara, (by marrying her sister's Mr. Kennedy).
She started and ran a very successful business.
All in all I don't think she ever went hungry again.

But are there limitations to what you do to
better yourself, and to take care of yours?
Well in books and movies no there's not.

Is there any movies that once you sat down and
really paid attention, or were old enough to fully
understand you were dissipointed?

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