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Monday, August 8, 2011

Goodbye Harry Potter

So the last Harry Potter film has hit the theaters.
I have yet to see it.
Just no time lately.

Last night on the Teen Choice Awards
there was a tribute to Harry Potter.
The video is at the end of this post.
Check it out!

I have been a Harrry Potter fan for years.
I am the one who got my son into it.
I have always liked fantasy stories.
It has been 11 years since the cast first started making the films.
Longer since the books came out.

I only just read  the books though.
I finished them a few months back.
Normally we go to the theaters during the first week
to see films like these.
But on the last 2 I just have not got to do that.

Its not just Harry Potter series that we have to say
Buh Bye to.
I am as you know a Twi-Fan.
That Saga is coming to an end next year.
As well as my soaps that are going off the air.

I did learn of an online reprieve for the soaps.
But why now is everything ending all so close together?

What will we do?
Those of us who have been on the long ride all this time.
We have waited for each film release,
We have bought merchandise.
Tried to get our friends hooked.
Now its over for the HP fans.

Side Note: Something you should know about me.
I Am a fan of TV and movies. I have always been addicted to TV. As well as a human TV Guide.
The reasoning, Or the one I believe it is, Is that as a baby my Mom would put me in front of the Television so she could clean the house and such. Since I could not just get up and crawl/walk away very easily. I watched. So soaps have been apart of my daily routine since I was born.
So this is why I blog on Shows, Movies, books and such so often. This is what I do.

So as i was saying,
Its the end of an era.
And 2 more are ending in the next year.
We all need new hobbies people!

I guess I will get that quilt made that I bought material for last month.

So farewell Harry, Ron, Hermione, and even Hagrid.
I will miss you all.
Did anyone else cry at the end of the last 3 books like me?

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