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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A is for Autism

So I have this idea.
Thinking I will Alphabet blog for a bit.
Every Weekday Starting with the Letter
I will choose a topic to write about until
I reach the end. (Z)

This is an experiment and I hope I stick to it. lol

So Today I will start with A.
I am choosing a topic that I have been wanting
To write about since I began this blog.


Autism is a developmental disorder
that appears in the first 3 years of life,
and affects the brain's normal development
of social and communication skills.
Autism affects boys 3 - 4 times more often than girls.

Now they are finding that there are variations.
Which is now classified as Autism Spectrum Disorder.

One of my very favorite TV shows follows a family
who's son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder.
Parenthood on NBC. (Tuesdays at 9pm new season soon)
It shows the struggles they face as a family.
As well his own personal struggle.
It is very heart wrenching at times to watch this family.

Outsiders have a hard time understanding.
They might think that the child is just "undisciplined".
Which is not the case.

I am not writing this to diagnose or list symptoms.
Simply to spread awareness.
To help others to understand.
I do have a few people that I follow on Twitter that
might help you with that.
They are also good for support.
I will list them here.

I also want to give you a Mom's opinion
So I asked one such Mom and here are her thoughts:

"The hardest part of having a child with autism isn't that my child is autistic, but other people who don't understand or know about autism. Having to deal with the stares and comments made in front of or toward my child. The remarks made about his not being "normal" and I reply back he is better than "normal" he is briar and I love him as is. I'm constantly amazed how many still don't know of or believe autism, and I try to educate. But some will always choose not to listen or learn, an those people are missing out on knowing a lot of special amazing children. Loving an autistic child isn't the blessing , the love of an autistic child is a blessing." ~Jenny

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