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Thursday, August 4, 2011


In the course of our lives we have several types of relationships.

And I have learned that it takes work to hold any of them.
Even with family, relationships can be so hard.
When you are that close it can go bad in an instant.
Someone has a bad day and everyone in that path gets wiped out.

Some relationships are as easy as breathing,
Others can be so hard you just let them slide through your fingers.

I have had a few of my relationships take bad turns lately.
I am learning that somedays I just dont have the fight in me.

People are only human ofcourse.
But at times I can't take the petty bull that gunks up
a persons concerns.

Its to small or too childish or whatever the case,
for me to feel the need to argue.

I'm not talking about Relationship with your sopuse.
Relationship just isn't the right word for that.
More like "Life Force"
That's a better word for marriage.
It goes above an beyond any regular term of the word.
Marriage has different rules.

You just tell your spouse to, knok it off.
You go on with your day, all is well.

But with friends or close family,
that can't always be done.
Egg shells exsist that must not be crushed.

Some people grow and change
While others do not.
We all grow at our own speed.
Sometimes leaving others behind.

I hope that in all your personal relationships
It is as easy as breathing.
If not, but it is still worth it to you,
Be as Edward in Twilight,
Breath out of Habit.

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