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Thursday, September 29, 2011


On occasion I watch a show called
My Name Is Earl.

Earl wholeheartedly believes in Karma.
Karma is the idea that what you put out there that is bad
will return to you in some form.
This is the New Age definition anyway.

I think it is probably a good philosophy to follow.
You know, if you don't do unto others,
they may do Bad things unto you.
So to speak.

Earl was a troubled man who was always doing what he wanted
even if it hurt others.
Until he was injured in a bad accident.
He realized his ways.
And now is on a quest to make up for all the wrong he did.

I believe if you do not live right,
that your life will not ever go the way it could.
You will have problem after problem arise.
You will maybe have "bad luck"

What do you believe?
Do you think Karma works this way?
 Or Do you believe Karma is who hash?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

J is really Exercise in Disquise

Have you ever noticed how many things
that start with a J that are exercise related?

Well here's a few.


Get your best exercise on while Jumping.
I read that jumping on a re-bounder is the best thing
you can do.
It causes all of your muscles to tense and then relax.
So Rebound for 10 minuets 3 X a week and watch the fat
fade away!


Let's learn a new hobby!
Juggling has to be a great way to get in shape.
Especially while you are still perfecting this one.
Think about all that sweating you will do
When you are chasing those balls that got away!


Hey now that sounds like fun!
Get dressed up and got out dancing.
Loose some weight and feel great!
Jazz the night away
OR just sign up for some

Can you think of any more great ways
to get in shape with the letter J?
Or any of the other letters in the alphabet
would work  too!

Monday, September 26, 2011

This Instant!

I want it, and I want it NOW!
As most of you have noticed,
I think I have even mentioned it before,
The world has been completely spoiled!

From microwaves, to Keurig coffee makers,
we want everything to be instantaneous!

This is great,
and not so great.
We are pushing out the publishing world as we have known it.
Now with the addition of the E-book.

We want to sit lazily in our car and let a machine
wash the vehicle for us.

We hate sitting at car dealerships for hours.
Did I mention HOURS....

Instead of cooking a meal at home,
We go out.
It takes too long to cook?
Yes it does. When you are really hungry.

This past weekend as you all know I
celebrated my 30th birthday.
I had decided I wanted to make my cake.
And that it had to be fondant.

Anyone ever make a fondant cake?
Well believe me,
It's not instant.
It took My Mom, Sister, and Myself
working for around 4 hours in the kitchen.
Just to decorate it.

But it was worth the wait.
The double layer cake turned out beautifully!
So maybe Instant isn't always the best.
Not bad for our first cake made of fondant.
What do you think?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

30 years young

I am taking a pause from the alphabet blogging today Because....
 I am turning 30!

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Me through the years.  Click the play button.

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I have had lots of  fun so far.
I have had a few not so fun moments as well.
All those moments though added up to make me,

I have had at least 3 surgeries on my legs.
Gone to 2 different cities for visits to the Shriner's Hospital..
Worn several kinds of braces.
Sat in wheelchairs.
Walked with assistance from, (in order)
A rocking chair, walker, crutches, and now only one
hot pink crutch.

I have been pushed in a stroller at school.
Fallen out of a chair sideways and been left there
till the school called my parents to come pick me up.
Had other students walk over me, literally.
Made numerous friends.
Participated in the Special Olympics,
even placing 2nd in 2 categories.

No Granny, I still would not trade McDonald's
for the cold weather that day.
If I recall, I ate McDonald's on the way home anyway!
(I was in the 2nd grade and loved Micky D's)

I have stayed 4 weeks at the Shriner's Hospital in
Shreveport La. while getting therapy to recover from a major surgery.

I had the best physical therapist in the world.
I miss you Velma! See you in heaven one day,
and we will dance and dance.

I have been student council VP twice.
BPA President.
Got  to go to Canada with my French Club in high school.
Cruised on Friday nights.
Been a maid-of-honor 3 times, bridesmaid another.
Screamed at a horses butt on a Dark night driving through a field.
What? I thought it was a person..Haha!

I had a beautiful baby boy.
Who is not so baby anymore.
I have a great Husband.
Who has spoiled me rotten.

I ran the local Kiwanis Club Web-site.
I have been manager of a home health office.
Secretary for the Methodist Church.
Even made money selling various crafts.
Including Tote bags, Jewelry, Tee-shirts, Wedding Invitations and more.

Now days I love to sit on the Deck in my back yard, or
go for a swim with my family.
I love writing. From my blogs to manuscripts, even children's books.
I will always love shopping.
I am a sucker for Purses and shirts!

I have so far been a daughter,
Best Friend,
and a born leader.

I am looking forward to my Birthday bash
this weekend.
Thank you to each of you who have read my work.
To all of you who continue to support me!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy as Pie

Are you as happy as this cat?
Today I am asking you all to ask yourself,
Are you happy with your life?

Do you ask yourself on occasion if
You are happy or not?
Its a perfectly normal thing to do.
I think its required even.

If you never think about it ask yourself why not?
I have met some who just do not know
how to be happy.
They have never been in healthy families,
which resulted in un-healthy relationships.
That left them alone, and not knowing what it is even
like to be happy.

I am talking about fulfillment.
Not just your job.
Not just your home
Not just your town.
But your full rounded life.
Do you even have a full rounded life?

Make sure that you do
It is attainable.
Don't just have a great job.
Or a great house.

Its not living to only be happy with the car u drive.
Be happy! Period.
Know that you are 100% full and completely satisfied with your life.

If not what are you living for?
Are you living just for your job?
Do NOT settle.
You CAN have it all.

Set goals
Aim high
Reach for the ultimate happy.

The best job, best house, best spouse,
Dependable car, funest town, and all the other things you want.
All those things may not be your ultimate happy.
Just DON"T settle.
I hope you find it all.
I hope you live out loud!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goodbye Soaps

As some of you may know,
All My Children is going off the air next week.
After almost 42 Years.

I only found this site today But I love it!!!
It is the PineValley Bulletin.

I turn 30 the last day the show will get air time
on the Alphabet network.
It is bitter-sweet that it will end on my
I may be one of very few who are so young that love my
SOAPS so much.
I have told you all before that due to my physical disability
I grew up in front of the television.

One of the reason I enjoy them is because I also
love to read, and soaps are like a book series that
never ended...
Until now.

Right now the two Soaps are at thier best in my opnion.
So many beloved characters are returning.
They have heated up the canvas.
Story lines are great right now.
So why couldn't they have done this before
getting the ax?

One Life To Live is also soon to follow,
leaving in January.
A lot of the characters are leaving already.
A couple Weeks ago a long time favorite left.
Dorian Lord,(née Cramer; formerly Callison, Santi, Vickers, Hayes, and Laurence)
I loved the goodbye tribute she received.
Even getting locked in a room one more time
with her long time Frenemy Vikki.

here is the final scenes between them,
With great flash backs.

You can watch episodes online.
Abc.com, hulu.com, and on
YouTube channels.

Prospect Park Productions will be taking over the 2 shows.
Moving them online to a hulu-Esq type website.
All My Children will have a 3 months clif-hanger before
it will be up for viewing online.

Will you be watching?
I know I will....