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Thursday, September 22, 2011

30 years young

I am taking a pause from the alphabet blogging today Because....
 I am turning 30!

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I have had lots of  fun so far.
I have had a few not so fun moments as well.
All those moments though added up to make me,

I have had at least 3 surgeries on my legs.
Gone to 2 different cities for visits to the Shriner's Hospital..
Worn several kinds of braces.
Sat in wheelchairs.
Walked with assistance from, (in order)
A rocking chair, walker, crutches, and now only one
hot pink crutch.

I have been pushed in a stroller at school.
Fallen out of a chair sideways and been left there
till the school called my parents to come pick me up.
Had other students walk over me, literally.
Made numerous friends.
Participated in the Special Olympics,
even placing 2nd in 2 categories.

No Granny, I still would not trade McDonald's
for the cold weather that day.
If I recall, I ate McDonald's on the way home anyway!
(I was in the 2nd grade and loved Micky D's)

I have stayed 4 weeks at the Shriner's Hospital in
Shreveport La. while getting therapy to recover from a major surgery.

I had the best physical therapist in the world.
I miss you Velma! See you in heaven one day,
and we will dance and dance.

I have been student council VP twice.
BPA President.
Got  to go to Canada with my French Club in high school.
Cruised on Friday nights.
Been a maid-of-honor 3 times, bridesmaid another.
Screamed at a horses butt on a Dark night driving through a field.
What? I thought it was a person..Haha!

I had a beautiful baby boy.
Who is not so baby anymore.
I have a great Husband.
Who has spoiled me rotten.

I ran the local Kiwanis Club Web-site.
I have been manager of a home health office.
Secretary for the Methodist Church.
Even made money selling various crafts.
Including Tote bags, Jewelry, Tee-shirts, Wedding Invitations and more.

Now days I love to sit on the Deck in my back yard, or
go for a swim with my family.
I love writing. From my blogs to manuscripts, even children's books.
I will always love shopping.
I am a sucker for Purses and shirts!

I have so far been a daughter,
Best Friend,
and a born leader.

I am looking forward to my Birthday bash
this weekend.
Thank you to each of you who have read my work.
To all of you who continue to support me!


  1. Hey crystal, you make me want to cry. I have you know that I will be turning 30 this year as well. I really don't have any one that is really close to me, like a best friend. And as far as a man in my life the answer to that no. I have found my self fixing to turn 3o. As a sinlg mom with to jobs and still living at home with my mom and dad. And wishing thing were a little different. But I would not trade being a mom for noughting, I compiltly love my son more than life it's self. And just the other day my mom informed me that I was getting old! LOL! So I have a favor to ask of you, when you bolw out the candles and make those wish, will you please make one for me and Troy. I hope that you have the most woundful birthday you could possibly have!!........ P.S. Thank you for your bolg, and for just being you....Melissa Kimble.

  2. Thank you Melissa, thatwa s beautiful. I did have a great birthday full of snags along the way. Buit everything worked out great. My mother got me a mug to remind me that sometimes you just have to go to Plan B. It says that Life is all about how you handle Plan B. And with children we know that to be true!
    I wish you a wonderful 30th as well and many more to come!