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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goodbye Soaps

As some of you may know,
All My Children is going off the air next week.
After almost 42 Years.

I only found this site today But I love it!!!
It is the PineValley Bulletin.

I turn 30 the last day the show will get air time
on the Alphabet network.
It is bitter-sweet that it will end on my
I may be one of very few who are so young that love my
SOAPS so much.
I have told you all before that due to my physical disability
I grew up in front of the television.

One of the reason I enjoy them is because I also
love to read, and soaps are like a book series that
never ended...
Until now.

Right now the two Soaps are at thier best in my opnion.
So many beloved characters are returning.
They have heated up the canvas.
Story lines are great right now.
So why couldn't they have done this before
getting the ax?

One Life To Live is also soon to follow,
leaving in January.
A lot of the characters are leaving already.
A couple Weeks ago a long time favorite left.
Dorian Lord,(née Cramer; formerly Callison, Santi, Vickers, Hayes, and Laurence)
I loved the goodbye tribute she received.
Even getting locked in a room one more time
with her long time Frenemy Vikki.

here is the final scenes between them,
With great flash backs.

You can watch episodes online.
Abc.com, hulu.com, and on
YouTube channels.

Prospect Park Productions will be taking over the 2 shows.
Moving them online to a hulu-Esq type website.
All My Children will have a 3 months clif-hanger before
it will be up for viewing online.

Will you be watching?
I know I will....

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