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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy as Pie

Are you as happy as this cat?
Today I am asking you all to ask yourself,
Are you happy with your life?

Do you ask yourself on occasion if
You are happy or not?
Its a perfectly normal thing to do.
I think its required even.

If you never think about it ask yourself why not?
I have met some who just do not know
how to be happy.
They have never been in healthy families,
which resulted in un-healthy relationships.
That left them alone, and not knowing what it is even
like to be happy.

I am talking about fulfillment.
Not just your job.
Not just your home
Not just your town.
But your full rounded life.
Do you even have a full rounded life?

Make sure that you do
It is attainable.
Don't just have a great job.
Or a great house.

Its not living to only be happy with the car u drive.
Be happy! Period.
Know that you are 100% full and completely satisfied with your life.

If not what are you living for?
Are you living just for your job?
Do NOT settle.
You CAN have it all.

Set goals
Aim high
Reach for the ultimate happy.

The best job, best house, best spouse,
Dependable car, funest town, and all the other things you want.
All those things may not be your ultimate happy.
Just DON"T settle.
I hope you find it all.
I hope you live out loud!

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