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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

J is really Exercise in Disquise

Have you ever noticed how many things
that start with a J that are exercise related?

Well here's a few.


Get your best exercise on while Jumping.
I read that jumping on a re-bounder is the best thing
you can do.
It causes all of your muscles to tense and then relax.
So Rebound for 10 minuets 3 X a week and watch the fat
fade away!


Let's learn a new hobby!
Juggling has to be a great way to get in shape.
Especially while you are still perfecting this one.
Think about all that sweating you will do
When you are chasing those balls that got away!


Hey now that sounds like fun!
Get dressed up and got out dancing.
Loose some weight and feel great!
Jazz the night away
OR just sign up for some

Can you think of any more great ways
to get in shape with the letter J?
Or any of the other letters in the alphabet
would work  too!

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