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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Little things

Who says you can't go home?

Life takes us all places that we didn't know we would go.

We grow and change.
Leave home or stay,

Those who leave home
Hopefully can think fondly on it.

 My younger days were different

Dirty bare feet
Dirt roads
Cats and dogs

Sounds of dad working on an old beater
Mom hanging laundry on the line
Little brother or sister stealing your toys
Then running away as fast as their tiny feet can go.

Home still lives in songs and smells
Memories spring from even the littlest things

I went back home this weekend.
Its nice to see old friends and family.
It's also nice when even though I miss
everyone terribly,
I am still happy to come back to my new place.

There is a lot of poverty where we are from.
Which makes it hard to see.
But it feels good to grow and change.

If you have doubts I just would like to
encourage you.
It can be done.
You can enable a change in your life,
for the good.
For the betterment of your life.
Don't be scared.
With God all things are possible.

It is nice to have my memories too.

Has this happen to anyone else?

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