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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Moving on.

We all have things in our life that sometimes we have to let go.
The question always is,  when is the right time
to move on?

Has your job been stressful for a while now?
Are you falling out with your friend?
Is that person you are dating really into you?
Does the town you live in have potential?

These are all very good questions.
And sometimes they float around in our heads.
For a while now, they might have been nagging at you.

Are you brave enough to answer them?
It does take an inner strength to be honest with ones self.

I have always been a strong willed person.
Which causes me to not be able to relate with those who aren't,
at times.

I just want to take a person and shake them.
Slap the wake up call right out of them.

I want to...But I didn't say that I do that.

When is the right time to move on?
Well I think everyone has to ask that and choose for them self.
But I would say for me the time would be when I no longer
feel that I am myself anymore.

If I could not recognize myself
then I need to fix that.
If I were very depressed and cried a lot.
That might be a good sign as well.

Personally when I decided that I needed a change
it was because I noticed a lot of anger in myself.
I would just yell out at someone for no reason.
*My poor dear husband, he had the brunt of it most the time.

But he bared with me, and we made a change.
Moving on doesn't mean moving away,
if you do not want that.
Move on from only the parts that is time for.

Do you have anything that needs to be left
on the road side while you happily walk away?
sometimes you have to put that burden down. 

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