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Thursday, October 13, 2011

October Fun

October is here!
It is one of my favorite months.

One reason I like this month is because its my husband's birthday month!
Happy Birthday Babe.

a few of the pumpkins from last year

We have very much enjoyed Halloween the past few years.
Before moving here last year we did have a tradition.
We would attend the trunk-a-ween
then go home and hand out candy to most of the same kids
we had just seen.

Actual picture of our maze in town
Our family started a tradition 3 years ago that we all
now look forward to.
We have a pumpkin carvin party.
Even adding a costume contest last year.
This year we are not allowed to use the patterns
you can pick up at Walmart.

I am hoping to get to the corn maze soon.
Who wouldn't want to try to get lost in a giant corn maze?

The leaves are falling and harvest festivals abound!
Getting ready for a new year.

Speaking of new.
My husband and I are trying to start a photography business.
I am excited for this venture and hope we get to
help families make memories that will last them a lifetime.

Enjoy this beautiful fall season!


  1. Hey Troy and I are enjoying this fall weather. Those are some cool pumpkins. Troy is to young for carving pumpkins. Maybe next year.....Melissa Kimble.

  2. well then just take very cute photos of Troy next to some pumpkins! That will be just as fun!