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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Poor me..

I get so annoyed  when people throw themselves a pity party.

Get off your butt and do something about it.
The longer you sit there in that chair and wine about it
the longer it will be before you are happy.

I have learned of Poor Me Syndrome.
Oh boy, is this for real?
It now has a title?

This way of thinking is so completely unhealthy.
It definitely leads to depression.
My thoughts on it and how to pull your self out are
as follows:

When someone offers advice and ideas.
The least you can do is check on it.
Try it out.
Come up with your own ideas as well.

But whatever you do,
DO NOT just say,
I can't.
No one will help me.

Help your self.
Give it a try.
Call and ask questions.

It does how ever hurt to do nothing.
Who does it hurt?
It hurts YOU.

You and you alone.

Rise to the challenge.
Get out there and do your best.
You will feel great about your self afterwards.
Once you accomplished the feat,
even if you got a little help.
You will feel great.
You will have self worth.

But please give it a go,
before you jump on the
Can't train.

Because I refuse to ride CAN'T lines.
Can't goes no where.

I take the CAN DO trolley!


  1. Are you for real! Poor me syndrome! You have got to be kidding! I have heard of depression, and I know what depression can do to you. But this poor me stuff is for the birds! Some one once said CAN'T NEVER COULDN'T DO ANYTHING!.....Melissa Kimble

  2. Yes I agree. Thank you for your comments, I love to hear from you. Depression is a common thing, but I feel like the Poor me attitude can lead to depression very quickly. So I am hoping to inspire that others pull up out of that kind of thinking quickly.