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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time Matters, Even One Day!

Your life is not your own.
One big mistake I think that people make is living for only today.
Not thinking about what their actions will lead to tomorrow.
Or the next day, Or ten years from now.

With my son for example,
I always try to think about how I am raising him today,
To make him a happy fulfilled grown man later.

If I yell at him today,
Will he cower at a big life problem when he is an adult?
If I do not spend enough time playing with him,
Will he not be able to fully love someone as an adult?

I only have one child so I don't have to worry about
things like, what to do when they physically fight.
Or when one breaks everything one of the others ever gets.

To me, these are signs a child is calling out for help though.
Some parents just don't take the time to think about how the decisions
they make DO affect their Child.

It does, it just does.
The people you chose to let in your life influence the person that your
child will be when they grow up.
The neighbor kids will have a similar affect.
The school your child attends, the environment they are surrounded with.
Even your job has weight on the future of your child.
If you hate your job, or are too tired at the end of every day,
Are you going to be cranky? Will you feel like playing board games?

Time matters, it may seem like today is just one day in your long life.
What difference will one day make?
If I stay in a bad relationship for just one more day, one more week,
what harm can that do?
It is my life.
My spouse, My job, My time to spend how ever I want.

No its not. If you are a parent, its your child's life.
His mean step-parent, Her tired, cranky Mom/Dad, Their memories missed out on.

You show your children how to be an adult every day.
You are teaching them what is acceptable,
What is right and what is wrong.
Weather you believe it or not,
They are watching you, they will emulate you in their own life.

One sure way to know if you are living the way that you know is truly right,
Ask your self,
Would I want my son or Daughter to live this life?
Would I feel like I did a great job raising them if they were in my
exact situation?

I hope the answer is yes.
If it is not, Do not be afraid to make changes.
Would you be too scared to run on that Train track to pull your child out of the path of that thousand pound Choo Choo headed right for them?

Absolutely not!
So why would you be driving that Train right now?


  1. Excellent point! I could think of a few people from our past that I wish had thought of this! Love you Chica!


  2. Hello, I am sorry it took so long to reply. Been a bit busy the last few days.

    Thank you for your coment. Yes, I wish more parents just knew this. My love for all children pushed me to write this post. We need more happy adults in this world.